Meal planning for a day’s dieting low in calories



Meal Planning Each Day *


Here are more of my own meal plans which were designed to help me lose weight over several weeks. Whenever I was tightening my dietary intake, I would still eat vegetables freely during the entire day. Grazing on raw vegetables can be fine when trying to lose weight because they are generally very low in calories. Plus, eating raw vegetables saves on cooking time and calories if they’re prepared in oil or fats.


Some of the raw vegetables I include on most days are carrots, yellow or red peppers or Swede. I also like raw sprouts, but generally eat them after steaming because I prefer to eat them cooked.


I didn’t always include drinks in most of the meal plans shown below, but this is because I drank mainly bottled water in order to keep the calorie intake low. I would drink water continuously during the day and at regular intervals. This gives the added benefit of part filling up the stomach before a meal so I don’t overdo the portion size at any of the meals in a day’s diet.


* All the weekly meal plans shown above are for demonstration purposes only. Changing your dietary intakes may affect your intake of essential vitamins & minerals and could lead to some type of deficiency. You must always check with a dietician before changing any part of your diet, or introducing any new food. Please read our Terms !



Daily Diet Plan 3


  • Porridge Oats made with skimmed milk topped with honey & blueberries


  • A subway sandwich of any kind that had 6 grams fat or less (no cheese)


  • Chocolate or cereal bar

  • fill up with raw vegetables


  • Chicken Korma with rice


  • Fresh fruit berries

Estimated energy intake = 1380 calories


* All low calorie diets shown above are for demonstration purposes only. If you wish to follow a low-calorie diet it may be best sticking to own food preferences as there may be less chance of a particular deficiency. You must check with a dietician before introducing any new food or changing any part of your diet. Please read our Terms !

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