8 High Calorie Drinks Dieters Should Avoid

As most of us end up finding out the hard way, it is very easy to pack on the pounds. With technology advancing to the point we could—if we wanted—live completely sedentary lifestyles, eating more calories than you burn off is something that can and will happen unless you’re very meticulous about what you eat and how often you exercise.

One of the biggest culprits in the great American weight-gain is the beverage. Sure, a beverage might be sitting there on the table, all nice and glistening and unassuming, but some beverages pack a hefty wallop of calories, and we should know which drinks to avoid.

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Let’s go over eight high-calorie drinks that you should be aware of. Some are quite inconspicuous, and while you might be aware of others, you may have no idea just how bad they are for you.

8 Popular Unhealthy and High Calorie Beverages

    1: Margarita

    One of the most popular drinks to grab at a bar, your night out just might cause you to bust out if you drink too many. The average margarita, made with tequila, triple sec and lime, runs around 400 calories and contains 25 carbs!

    2: Milkshake

    An entire meal at a fast food restaurant will not pack on as many calories as you’ll find in a milkshake. Take a medium milkshake from Burger King, for example. With 950 calories, 29 grams of fat, 640 milligrams of sodium and 146 carbs, you’re practically drinking another complete meal.

    3: Pepsi

    We’re using Pepsi, but the information is virtually the same with Coke, 7-Up and many other soft drinks out there. Pepsi packs in 150 calories and 40 carbs per 12 ounce can or bottle.

    4: Orange Juice (fresh)

    With tons of vitamins and minerals, orange juice is healthy for your system, but not so healthy for your waistline. 12 ounces of this sweet nectar delivers 170 calories and around 40 carbs.

    5: Eggnog

    During the holiday season, we don’t usually question what’s in eggnog; we just drink it. But traditional eggnog, make with milk, eggs and sugar, will pack a huge punch of around 350 calories, 19 grams of fat and 34 carbs per 8 ounce serving. Add that to your holiday meal and you’ll be doubling down on the New Year’s resolution.

    6: Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

    Drank usually for a quick pick-me-up (and because it tastes way better than basic coffee), a Starbucks Frappuccino is really no way to start your day. This drink packs in 410 calories, 16 grams of fat and over 50 carbs (numbers vary depending on your personalization, but there’s still a lot of bad stuff in there).

    7: Powerade

    Gatorade’s twin (or evil nemesis) Powerade made its splash by being the better-tasting sports drink long before vitamin waters hit the shelves. But it only tasted better due to the extra sugar in there. A 710ml bottle of lemon-lime delivers 250 calories and 65 carbs.

    8: Apple Juice

    Apple juice is certainly one of the more unassuming beverages. For most people, apples are delicious and beneficial. For dieters, it’s a smart idea to stay away from this drink. An 8 ounce glass/bottle of juice delivers 117 calories and 28 carbs. That’s not very diet-friendly.

The next time you look to quench your thirst, make sure you check the label. If you need something other than water, go for a diet drink or something that will not pack on the empty calories. Your clothes will thank you in the end.



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