Effects of strict dieting without exercise

The right way to weight management is to eat a balanced meal and exercise sufficiently to burn the fat. You must not starve yourself and should ensure that you aren’t losing weight due to muscle depletion. When you step on the scale it only indicates if you have shed some pounds, it doesn’t tell you if it’s fat or muscle that was dropped. The ill-effects of only dieting without being physically active are so many that you just cannot afford to overlook them.

Every other day there are new diets that are being experimented with and being touted as the ideal way to lose weight. Some are low on carbohydrates, while some are high on proteins. Most of these diets don’t provide the essential nutrients. Some even claim that you could get into that evening gown or the black tux effortlessly in just a fortnight. People fall for such theories because most don’t involve exercising. A crash diet is never recommended. You could lose weight, but you would gain more than what you have shed when you start eating normally. Water and muscles are depleted thus making you feel that you have become leaner.

A person trying to lose weight by consuming less calories and not exercising would have weaker bones. The bone density decreases over a period of time. This could cause fractures and even osteoporosis.

Research shows that exercising puts a healthy strain on the muscles that actually stimulates the growth of new bone in the associated area. When your muscles are worked upon, it improves the overall strength and stamina. Thus, the negative effects of low calorie intake due to dieting can be overcome with exercising. Aerobic exercises cause fat loss without adversely affecting the bone mineral density.

In the long run, only dieting without exercising could cause obesity. If you’re overweight during your younger days, you are most likely to be at least overweight if not obese as you get older if you don’t make the appropriate lifestyle changes at the right time. Physical activities lower the bad cholesterol level in the body thus ensuring that the fat deposits aren’t stored that could later pose a serious health risk. The BMI improves significantly if an individual exercises regularly making him fitter.

Studies have indicated that dieting along with some physical activities yields better results than just dieting alone. You must eat food from each of the different groups. This would not only make your meal tastier, but also provide all the important nutrients. Opt for low calorie foods, especially if you lead a more sedentary life. If you don’t exercise or exercise very little, your appetite isn’t regulated. This means even though you’re dieting, you will consume extra calories because you feel hungry at odd times. Sometimes, even though the food hasn’t been digested you’re craving for food.

One of the most significant advantages of the diet-and-also-exercise plan is that the lost weight wouldn’t come back. This is a doubt that nags most of us who are trying to get back to shape.

The fat metabolism is measured by respiratory exchange rate and this doesn’t swing extremely when you’re exercising along with dieting; the amount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced remains approximately the same indicating that the body’s ability to burn off fat has become stable even after the person stops dieting. Exercising regularly doesn’t alter the oxidation rates. But if you only diet, then it makes you more vulnerable to gain weight as the fat metabolism rate is lowered.

Dieting without exercising reduces the fat burning enzymes. Thus only muscles are depleted and fats are stored. The metabolic rate comes down and there is a drastic change in the chemical composition. When you don’t exercise sufficiently, endorphins aren’t released in sufficient amounts. This causes a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. The person feels stressed out. A good round of exercising causes the individual to feel good not only about his external appearance but he also becomes calmer. If you losing weight only by dieting, this could even affect the central nervous system adversely.

Lack of physical activities also affects the sleep pattern. A person could suffer from insomnia or sleepiness. The quality of their output suffers both at work and home. Their irritable and mood swings become regular. This is because dieting alone without regular exercising makes the person weak.

A lot of people who only diet without exercising look paler and visibly different than those who diet and also exercise. This is because the body doesn’t look toned and hence the person looks sick. Whether you like to exercise or not, it’s important that you do a physical activity also to lose weight. There are many options to choose from, it could be walking, weight training, horse riding, trekking, Pilates, yoga or even dancing.

Most weight management programs consist of a work-out, a diet plan, and sometimes even a recovery period. There are dietary supplements and vitamin pills that claim to be some kind of a wonder drug to help reduce your weight without exercising. However, you must realize that there’s no easy way to stay fit. The right combination of dieting and physical activities not only makes it easier for you to maintain your shape but also keeps you healthy. The results are more effective and long-lasting. Eating a wholesome meal is as vital as doing physical activities regularly to ensure that you stay in good shape and also have a healthy frame of mind.

If you are serious about losing weight you should speak with a qualified dietician who would look into your lifestyle and suggest physical activities that would be adequate to burn off the extra calories you are consuming. In case you are having issues with managing your weight a health check-up would be done to understand if there are other underlying reasons such as thyroid issues, anemia, and others. It could take you a while to lose fat. You must persist and soon you’ll see the results coming.


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