10 Tips for Quick and Easy Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons that people claim diets do not work is that they cannot get their diets to produce results quickly enough to convince them of the effectiveness of diets. Most people are skeptical by nature, and seeing is the only way to believe.

For dieters in particular, they need to fit into those old jeans or catch a few compliments before they really decide to stick with their diet program for the long haul.

Quick and sudden weight loss runs a bit contrary to our preconceived notions about dieting. Not even a decade ago, most medical professionals insisted that people should take it slow while losing weight, eating a balanced diet, incorporating exercise, and losing pounds gradually.

But this doesn’t meld well with today’s society. We seek instant gratification. We need quick weight loss.

Top 10 Quick Weight Loss Tips

    1: Cut out the Carbs
    For quick weight loss, try eliminating all bad carbs – sugar, processed flour products, starchy veggies, sugary fruits, etc. With a week or two on this carb-restrictive diet, you may lose 10 pounds or more.

    2: Take a Bite out of Your Caloric Count
    Take a day to count the calories you usually ingest, and then eliminate 500 calories from your overall plan. Your body is used to burning x amount, so those 500 calories will come from stored body fat.

    3: Go Easy on the Sodium
    For purposes of quick weight loss, cutting back on the sodium will help you to ditch the water weight. Overall, a low sodium diet is much healthier for your blood pressure.

    4: Break a Sweat
    Quick weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, no matter what tips and tricks you use. You will still need to break a sweat with some exercise. Give your body a reason to burn the calories.

    5: Avoid the Scales
    Viewing your body weight now may throw you off track. Stick with a plan for at least a week—preferably two—before checking in on your progress. You do not need to double-down on tactics nor do you need to become discouraged.

    6: Smaller Meals Only
    Sticking with lower carb intake and a few hundred calories lighter in your diet, you also want to eat smaller meals spread out over the day instead of larger meals. Shoot for around 4 300-calorie meals.

    7: Eat some Filler
    You need to feel full in order to stop eating, so try foods high in fiber and protein. A chicken breast with some leafy greens will make you feel a lot fuller than a fast food meal twice its size.

    8: Water for Cravings
    When you get bit by the food craving bug, do not give in to it. Instead, drink a large glass of water to fight the cravings.

    9: Stop Eating Earlier
    Do not wait until the nighttime to eat. Eat breakfast through dinner throughout the day, stopping completely at least four hours before you sleep.

    10: Stick with the Program
    Use these tips and stick with them for a week or two. You will experience the results of quick weight loss if you have the will power to stick it out.

Now, these tips are not geared toward a prolonged diet or a healthy overall lifestyle. These tips are all about losing some pounds quickly. Once you lose the initial weight, it is up to you to keep it off by leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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