Diets – Depression & General Tiredness

Depression is a crippling affliction affecting millions of people around the globe. While there are many causes for depression, and even many potential cures to snap someone out of it, the fact remains that, in terms of “disease,” depression is easy to catch and there’s really no such thing as immunity to it. As happy as you could possibly be, you could wake up one morning in a deep funk and never snap out of it.

If you were to hear that a bad diet could lead to depression, which it can, your first thought would be about fast food and too many pizza deliveries and way too much canned soda. And while you’d be technically correct about these foods being bad for your diet, bad for your sleeping habits and potentially able to trigger depression in people, it’s actually not the primary depression-causing foods to watch out for.

A bad diet high in fat and a lack of exercise can and will interfere with your sleep patterns, and that may contribute to depression eventually. But the biggest cause of depression in people is a chemical imbalance, and this imbalance is actually brought about by foods that you and I consider to be healthy.

When your brain runs low on serotonin levels, you can fall into depression due to the imbalance. Many foods out there will drop your serotonin levels if you were to get carried away with them.

Believe it or not, apples and nuts can actually drop your serotonin levels. Although it would probably require that you eat only apples and nuts, these foods do have the potential. So if you’re currently on a diet consuming a lot of apple and nuts, remember that they’re healthy but also that you need to balance your diet with foods known to raise serotonin levels: seafood, bananas, whey protein, turkey, beef and eggs.

Low carbohydrate diets are still a giant craze in this day and age. When your body doesn’t have any carbs to process, your body starts to process fats instead. However, the lack of carbs will cause your serotonin levels to drop and you risk depression. Specific foods here to take it easy on include: raspberries, mushrooms, eggplant and tomatillos.

Any processed foods can potentially drop your serotonin levels due to the simple fact that they’re not helping to raise them. These types of foods are bad for you in almost any diet, so it should go without saying that you should avoid them. The fact that they can lead to depression is just one more reason on top of one thousand to avoid them.

If you really want to lower your risk of depression, then it’s also a good idea to stay away from stimulants, mainly caffeine. Although you’ll receive an instant boost, your serotonin levels are constantly dropping with each sip.

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