Dining Habits that Will Guarantee Weight Loss

Did you know that the way you eat has a huge effect on the amount of weight you lose or gain in a day? Forming the wrong eating habits can cause you to eat mindlessly, and you’ll end up eating more than you should simply because you’re not really thinking about what you’re eating. If you’re serious about weight loss, use these dining habits to guarantee that you’ll shed those extra pounds.

Smaller Spoons

It’s amazing how much harder it is to eat when you have a small spoon, especially if you’re serious about having good manners. If you want to slow down your pace of eating, give yourself a smaller spoon to feed yourself with. Whether you’re eating soup or Mac and Cheese, you’ll find that you’ll eat a whole lot slower when you have to continuously scoop and insert. It will help you to focus more on the conversation, and will slow down your rate of eating.

Smaller Plates

Your mind is really what has control over your appetite, and using a smaller plate will trick your mind into thinking that it’s eating more than it really is. The average dinner plate in the U.S. is 12 inches wide, but you should downsize yours to an 8 or 10-inch plate. You can still fill the plate, but you’ll be eating 50 to 75% of what you would eat on a huge plate. I prefer to serve just a spoonful or two of food on a small 8-inch plate, and have “thirds” or “fourths”. I still end up eating far less than I would with a huge plate or two, and I can flavor my food much more easily.

Serve Salad First

Salad should always be the first course in your meal, as the fiber in the veggies will help to fill you up more quickly. You’ll feel much more content when you reach the steak and potatoes of the main course, and you’ll be less likely to overeat. If you can serve a soup and salad before the main course, you’ll fill up on liquid and veggies before you touch the high-fat stuff.

Count to 30 Between Each Bite

This may sound silly, but counting between each bite will help to stop you from eating too quickly – the main contributor to overeating. Simply put the food in your mouth, and start counting from the moment you swallow for the first time. Count to 30 in your head, and take the next bite when you reach half a minute. It will help you to slow down your eating, and you’ll feel full much more quickly.

Drink Water Between Each Bite

If you take a sip of water between each bite, you will find that you’re much less likely to fill up on heavy foods. After all, you’re putting water into your stomach, which will fill it up and stop you from overeating. It’s not recommended by all dieticians, but it can help you to get accustomed to eating less.

Stand Up When the Ladies Leave

This is not only good manners, but it will help to stop you from just shoveling food down your mouth. You’ll burn a couple of calories standing up and sitting down, and you can repeat this at least a dozen times if you’re at a table with a few ladies. You’ll find that you’ll be less likely to overeat thanks to this simple act of manners.

Wait Until Everyone is Served

This is very important to remember, and not only for good manners’ sake. If you wait until everyone is served, you are starting off the meal exercising restraint. You will have a much easier time saying “No!” to more food if you’ve already said “No” to starting the meal the minute it was laid out in front of you. This is an excellent habit to form, and it will help to bring you closer together as a family.


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