Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Losing weight often seems like an incredible challenge, and when you look at your final goals, it might be enough to force you to quit before you even start. However, there are so many different ways for you to cut calories in your diet to successfully lose weight without making major changes to your diet or giving up all your favorite foods.

Avoid Beverages High in Sugar

Beverages that are high in sugar can drastically increase the amount of calories you take in each day. In fact, if you regularly drink soda, one or two cans a day, you are filling your body with unnecessary excess sugar and calories. Breaking your addiction to soda will make it easier for you to lose weight. Don’t be tempted to switch to diet sodas. They present other possible health risks due to artificial ingredients and other added chemicals. The healthiest beverage to provide your body is water. Water has zero calories. Spruce up your water by adding a twist of lemon or lime. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Buy a water filter so you can drink the cleanest, healthiest water. If you need more flavor, considering drinking natural, unsweetened green tea.

Switch to Egg Whites

When preparing breakfast for yourself it makes sense to avoid eating egg yoke. Instead, try scrambling only the yoke. Cutting out the yoke will drastically cut calories from your meal. A single large egg contains 70 calories on average. However, if you eat only the egg white, you’ll be consuming only about 15 calories. Of course you’ll need to prepare a couple of egg whites to get your fill, but using the egg whites from 2 or 3 eggs will still keep your calorie intake at 45 or less instead of 70. Moreover, you will take in less fat and cholesterol.

Fill Up On Fiber

Fiber intake is very important. While eating one slice of high fiber bread instead of a slice of white bread isn’t going to drastically cut calories from your diet, you will be reducing calories in the long run because the fiber will cause you to feel fuller longer. In turn, you are going to eat less and reduce your caloric intake throughout the rest of your day. In other words, start each day with a high fiber breakfast which will keep hunger at bay until it’s time for lunch. If you do happen to feel the urge to eat between meals, grab an apple.

Stick to Healthy Snacks

Most people snack throughout the day. Snacking can be healthy, as it keeps your metabolism up and running. However, if you snack on potato chips and other fried foods or candy bars, you will begin to gain weight and lose energy. Snack on foods that nourish and energize your body, such as baby carrots, fresh fruit, and trail mix. These foods are going to help you cut calories while providing you with optimum nutrition.

Watch the Salad Dressing

Salad dressing is delicious, but it is also the fastest way to destroy a healthy salad. While you can still have salad dressing, opt for the vinaigrette instead of the creamy dressing. This has less calories and contains good fats, all of which are going to be better for your diet and allow you to lose the weight.

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