Eat Organic Food for Weight Loss and Health

Regardless of what you may have heard on the news, organic food is actually healthier for your body and more beneficial in supporting weight loss. Organic food is also found to be nutrient dense, which means you get more nutrients per serving than you do with conventional products. In addition to being better for your health switching to an organic diet offers many rewards for the rest of the humanity and the planet. Health conscious consumers are beginning to recognize the health benefits of organic food. Although organic products were once only available at specialty health stores, you will find that the supply of organic produce and other products has increased in general supermarkets. The demand for natural and organic food is steadily rising and this trend is expected to continue.

Eat Organic Food for Weight Loss

A growing number of doctors are recommending that people eat organic food for weight loss because of its high nutritional value. Eating the same product in conventional versions results in consuming lots of empty calories while still leaving the body craving food because its nutritional needs have not been met. Since most of us will eat until we feel full, we’re likely to eat substantially more non-organic foods. We tend to consume less when we eat organic food because our bodies are getting more vitamins and nutrients in smaller portions. The effects of eating nutrient rich organic foods is similar to eating brown rice in place of white rice. You’re more likely to be satisfied after eating the recommended serving size.

Conventional Food and Body Fat

Conventional, non-organic food contains a host of pesticides, artificial flavorings, food dyes, antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals that undermine their nutritional value while adding unhealthy toxins to your body upon consumption. The toxins become stored in your body’s fat cells making it more difficult for your body to burn fat. This is the reason that people who consume an abundance of processed and conventional foods have difficulty burning fat and losing weight even when they take up rigorous exercise routines and try to follow a diet. It is nearly impossible to stick to eating less when the foods you do eat are poor in nutrition. Eat organic food and your body can burn fat more easily while increasing your energy level.

Food Chemicals and Appetite

Did you know that the chemicals in food can increase your appetite and cause cravings? That’s not exactly what you need when you’re trying to lose weight. Not only do food chemicals negatively affect appetite,but they can also cause allergic reactions, insulin imbalance, and water retention. In general, people who eat organic food are less likely to be overweight and generally healthier. Just look at populations in Asian countries that consume primarily natural and organic food and compare them to western process food addicts; you’ll see that good health and fitness speaks for itself. Improve your health by saying no to processed, chemical laden food so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of real food, natural and organic. You’ll definitely taste a difference.

Eat Organic Food to Fight Disease

There was a time when conventional food was healthy and natural. Bread was baked every day and fresh milk was delivered at your door. Times have certainly changed. Eating conventional meat and other products means over-taxing your body with growth-hormones and antibiotics which eventually begin to wreak havoc on your system making you more suseptible to both obesity and illness. Over use of antibiotics simply causes the development of new strains of harmful bacteria.which are antibiotic resistant. Consistently eating meats from animals fed unnatural diets and injected with growth hormones could make you fat and impede your ability to lose weight. There is also concern that hormones in foods may contribute to the development of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. These health risks alone are reason enough to switch to an organic diet.

The Price of Health

Although many people understand the benefits of organic food they find th price of such goods prohibitive. Compared to convential food organic food appears to be expensive. In reality, organic and natural food is not more expensive based on quality and nutrition. When you buy organic food you are getting real food and not fillers. For example, a small bottle of organic maple syrup could cost you $10 while the equivalent artificial maple syrup costs $5. Don’t be fooled into thinking that organic syrup is twice the price. Its not. You simply can’t compare 100% pure organic maple syrup that comes from a maple tree with fake syrup made in a lab consisting of high-fructose corn syrup, food dyes, artificial maple flavoring, toxic preservatives and a host of other unhealthy chemicals. One product is real syrup and the other is a chemical cocktail. Your body knows the difference.

For the best prices on organic produce visit your local farmers market. Some large retailers also carry a small supply of fresh and frozen organic food.

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