Eat Regularly to Lose Weight Effective

Nutritionists reccomend to eat a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and regularly meals. Start your day with a balanced breakfast and have a snack, maybe dark bread and some vegetables before midday. Have a small lunch and maybe some yoghurt and fruit in the afternoon. Don’t have to much for dinner and try to eat at least four hours before you go to bed. Be careful what you eat and how fast you do it. If you gobble you risk stomach pains and malaise.

When your blood sugar rises in a moderate way and keeps it’s level over a longer time is it more healthy and will lower the risk of greed. If you miss a meal you’ll risk that your body is craving for unhealthy snacks such as chips, cookies, chocolate or fast food. Those meals often content a high amount of sugars, fat and salt.

To keep a good blood glucose level you should choose healthy foods and eat regularly small portions. If you keep this up you will experience those benefits:

  • reduced risk of diabetes
  • reduced risk of cancer
  • raised energy level
  • raised concentration
  • improved weight management

Side Effects of Eating Regularly

Every time we eat our blood sugar levels rise. This means we have more carbohydrates available for fuel. Carbs are our body’s preferred energy source, so we tend to use up carbs more readily than stored fat. Keeping this in mind, the more carbs available, the less chance the body gets to burn up further amounts of stored fat.

We resume. Frequently eating is good for losing weight with the side effect that then our body uses for it’s energy support carbs instead of stored body fat.

How to Get Rid of the Stored Fat

Obviously, the answer is in the number of calories used, to those ingested. It’s ok to eat regularly as long as the number of total calories consumed each day is less than we burn off. In this case, our body has no choice but to tap into energy reserves in the fat cells. The trouble for many people wanting to lose weight is that, if they need to eat only 1800 calories per day in order to lose weight, then it would be incredibly hard to eat 6 or 7 times during the day without going over this small calorie intake. Many small snacks have a calorie content of at least 300!

When we are hungry our body is telling us that blood sugar is low. Thus, if carbs in the blood is low, then this can be one of the best times for our body to tap into stored fat. Because many of us don’t like hunger pains we often relieve then by eating something relatively quickly. This means there isn’t much time for burning the fat.

Maybe there needs to be a happy medium. It may be best to eat at least 3 times per day, but I also believe it’s important for a dieter to push through the hunger phase, not to starve oneself, but to get used to feel a little bit hungry before actually eating any food.

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