Best Aerobic Exercise to Lose Fat

Aerobic exercise is any activity that can be maintained continuously over a longer duration. It is a type of exercise that works the body at the lower end of the target heart rate zone causing the heart and lungs to adapt by becoming stronger.

The best aerobic exercise to perform in order to burn fat and lose permanent weight will depend on the individual’s fitness levels.

  • If one has low fitness levels then walking or step aerobics would probably be best.
  • If one has average fitness the best aerobic exercise would be one that requires the movement of more than one limb, using both arms and legs at the same time.

The best exercises for this principle are rowing, swimming, skiing, aerobic classes and rope jumping. In fact any exercise that requires the multiple use of different limbs at the same time could be classed as one of the best aerobic exercises for average people.

Best aerobic exercises to burn fat

Some good aerobic exercises may become too intense and therefore not the best exercise to burn fat, especially if the individual involved has a lack of fitness or inexperience. Examples are running, playing football or any exercise that requires regular, fast or intense movements. Boxing is another great example, its a very good exercise for burning lots of calories and developing fitness because boxing requires the constant use of arm, leg, hip, abdominal and neck movements however, the need to constantly bob, weave and throw punches can push this activity towards the anaerobic pathway for exercise.

Equipment required to exercise

Some aerobic exercises require equipment like rowing or cycling and some can be easily performed at home like a step routine. Many of us exercise aerobically without realizing it, like walking to work or strolling around the shops. The point is with a little imagination we all have the ability to complete regular aerobic exercise.

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