Benefits Of Boxing Workouts To Help Lose Weight

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports on the entire planet. If you’re ever stepped into a boxing ring or trained on the heavy bag, you’ll know exactly how exhausting it can be! After all, you’re swinging your arms with every shred of strength, and your muscles are working at “full speed” while you are throwing punches. Boxing burns through energy like nothing else can, making it one of the best sports–and workouts–around.

If your goal is to lose weight, boxing workouts are totally the way to go! Here are just a few reasons that you should do boxing workouts more:

Boost Total Body Strength

Do you have any idea how much a heavy bag weighs? You’re looking at something between 50 and 100 pounds–not too light, right? How much strength does it take to hit that bag hard enough to move it? During your boxing workout, you’ll be hitting that bag over and over, hundreds or even thousands of times. Your upper body may be doing the work (mostly your arms and shoulders), but your core and lower body both get in on the workout. As part of the boxing workout, you’ll do strength training that will help you to develop stronger muscles–meaning harder punches. However, you’ll also build endurance, meaning you’ll have strength pummel away for longer.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Boxing takes an impressive toll on your body. With every punch, you are using maximum energy, thus forcing your heart and lungs to work hard to keep up with your energy output. Did you know that professional boxers can only box full-steam for 3 to 5 minutes? It is incredibly high intensity exercise, and it sets your heart pounding and your lungs working at maximum efficiency to supply your muscles with the oxygen they need to keep swinging away. Even if you go light, it’s still an excellent cardio workout–one of the best you can do for your upper body. All boxers undergo a lot of cardio training to ensure that they can make it through their fight.

Promote Serious Fat Loss

Every time you throw a punch, you’re burning fat. Your entire body is working to throw that punch, so it is burning the energy that it has stored in each of the muscles involved. When your body relaxes after the punch, it activates the fat burning furnace to refuel those muscles and replenish the burned energy. Now imagine doing that hundreds or thousands of times in a single workout. Every punch forces your body to burn a bit more fat for fuel, and you’ll find that boxing is AMAZING to help you burn serious amounts of fat. Not only is it excellent cardio, but it’s a high intensity workout that incorporates strength training as well. You’ll find that it will do wonders to burn fat and improve your lean muscle tone!

Improve Coordination

Most boxers have excellent hand to eye coordination, as they train their eyes to react quickly to punches thrown at them. But their overall coordination is also quite good–perhaps not up to par with martial artists, but still better than the average person. Boxers have to learn to keep their balance, coordinate their upper and lower body movements, and stay nimble on their feet. They are some of the most coordinate athletes around.


As you can see boxing workouts truly are an AMAZING way to get in shape! If you goal is to burn fat, you should definitely consider a boxing workout as the option for you.

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