Exercise for Busy Women

You are at the office by 8:30am. With meetings and a never-empty inbox you often don’t get home until 7 or 8 pm, feeling tired and already thinking about problems you will face the next day. There’s just no room for squeezing exercise into that routine. Or you drop the kids off at school, spend 4 or 5 hours at the part-time job you love, run some errands and get home just as the kids do. Then it’s supper, homework help and making sure everyone is ready for the next day. You just can’t imagine working exercise into your busy day. But with a little ingenuity it can be done. Here are some tips on finding ways to exercise for busy women.

Park and Walk

If you don’t have time for a long, leisurely walk after dinner, you can benefit from much shorter walks throughout the day by simply parking your car farther away from your destination. Avoid the closest spot available when parking. In fact, you’ll benefit greatly by parking a block away from wherever you need to be. By the end of the day you may have walked a mile or more.

Exercise for Lunch

If you are fortunate enough to have an hour or more for your lunch break, use part of that time to improve your health with exercise. Exercise for busy women can consists of going for a 20-minute walk during lunch or doing gentle chair exercises while seated at your desk. These are great habits to form, especially if you’re also trying to lose weight.

Take the Stairs

Avoiding the elevator is another good way to incorporate some exercise into your day. You may want to start with trips of only one or two floors. Soon you will cover that distance with ease and taking the stairs will have become a healthy habit. You will gain strength in your legs and notice more tone and definition. Just make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes while climbing the stairs.

Keep Weights Handy

Another form of exercise for busy women is as simple as keeping a 3- or 5-pound weight near your phone, desk or television. Take advantage of even a few minutes while talking on the phone or watching TV to do some arm-toning bicep curls.

Move With Your Kids

When watching your children in the backyard or at the playground you may be tempted to sit on a bench while they play. You can get exercise just by moving with them, chasing a ball or briskly walking from one end of the play area to the other.

Get Involved

If part of your busy schedule involves some time as a volunteer, remember that here, too, is an opportunity for exercise. If you volunteer in a hospital or classroom setting you will probably be bending, stretching, lifting and walking much of the time—all good forms of exercise for busy women.Finally, don’t forget those daily chores around the house. Even tasks as mundane as vacuuming and washing windows provide the chance to stretch and tone your muscles. You can also get a great aerobic workout by putting on some music and dancing while washing the dishes. If going to the gym just does not fit into your schedule, you can still find many opportunities for exercise throughout your busy day. Once you begin to include regular physical activity into your busy days you will feel better, look better, sleep better, and have more energy. Don’t just sit there, go get some exercise.

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