High/ Low-Intensity Exercise for Weight Loss

By Patricia ZelmEmmart CHHC, AADP

There is so much information out on the market about exercise and weight loss it becomes confusing to many individuals. Blending both high and low intensity workouts will not only give you variety, but your body a great workout.

High intensity workouts are those that get your heart rate up to about 75% of its maximum level. These exercises are not for everyone and especially not for those with certain health issues. The benefits including improving aerobic fitness, muscle strength, and weight loss.

Some of these exercises are:

  • Running
  • Weight Training
  • Aerobics like Zumba, or kickboxing
  • High intensity interval training

Low intensity workouts will get your heart rate up to around 50% of its maximum. These exercises are beneficial for overweight individuals, pregnant women and the elderly. The down side to low intensity is that if weight loss is going to happen, it will take a length of time before that will really happen.

Some of these exercises are:

  • Walking outside or on the treadmill
  • Cycling
  • Aerobics classes-low impact
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Pilates

High intensity workouts will build muscles; muscles in turn boost your metabolism well after you stop your exercise routine. On the other hand, low intensity will not boost your metabolism and will not offer fat burning during resting times.

The facts of weight loss are, in order for weight loss to begin to happen calories taken in need to be fewer verses calories expelled or burned off.

Consume more calories than your body needs and you will gain weight. However, consume fewer calories than your body needs and you will begin to loss weight. Eating a well balanced diet is vital to good health, but also to health weight loss.

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