Easy Tips To Lose Love Handles

Understanding Love Handles

Love handles are the bane of our existence as weight watchers. Oftentimes, it seems like no matter how much weight you lose, no matter how closely you watch your body size, your diet, those love handles are here to stay. So, what causes love handles, and more importantly what’s the best way to get rid of love handles?

The Root of Love Handles

Those little extra stores of fat are actually half fat, half illusion. If you’re looking at your love handles, you’re not as fat as you think you are. You see, gravity pulls the fat from around your chest and stomach down around your waist. So working your waist, working your stomach, might not actually do much for your love handles.

Try laying on your back to see where that fat really belongs. This will give you a better idea of exactly how much fat you have and where it’s from.

Getting Rid of Love Handles

The solution is really to work out your whole body to get rid of that extra layer of fat around your torso. Proper diet and exercise will help get rid of those love handles, just know that the love handles are usually the last to go.

That said, there are exercises you can do to add more definition to the area so that you can speed your results up a bit. Of course, these exercises alone will only tone your muscles. If you don’t get rid of the fat by way of proper and regular diet and exercise, these exercises won’t do much.

Side bends are great for shaping up your whole stomach area. The trick is to make sure you’re doing them correctly, though. Stand straight up and keep your knees slightly bent, about a foot apart from one another. Slowly lower your trunk a few inches to the left, and then to the right. Keep the body and legs in line, don’t bend forward or backwards, and you’ll see some results.

Torso twists will help, as well. Stand with your feet at shoulder width, then twist your torso gently to the left and right while limiting your hip movement. No bending is involved. This tight, controlled movement will help you burn fat and strengthen the muscles around your waist.

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