The Best Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Many people who suffer from flabby arms may find it best to tone the arm muscles rather than to train the whole body in order to lose weight from such difficult areas. When people try to lose weight from the arms or other problem areas, they often find they loose weight all over the body but not where they want to loose it.

The best exercises for toning the arms are single joint movements.

Find here some exercise examples:

  • Bicep curls

    Hold the weights and lift them in front of your body by using your cubital joint. Thereby keep your upper arms static.

  • Tricep kick-backs

    Hold a weight in your left hand und position right knee and hand on a bench. Make sure your back is straight. Hold your ellbow on the same height as your back. Move your hand with the weight towards the ceiling until your arm is straight and than move back to the basic position.

  • Push ups

    Lay your body on the ground and put both hands next to your shoulders. Your chin should point to the floor. Tense up your legs and stand on your toes. Inhale while you push up your body by straighten the arms and keep your body tense. Go back in the basic position and exhale.

  • Chin ups

    Put yourself on the pull bar and place your hands shoulder width apart. The back of your hands are facing you. Pull yourself up (your chin should be over the pull bar), then low yourself down slowly.

It’s not possible to loose weight only from one special area on your body. Losing weight from difficult areas such as the arms may require the eventual loss of a high percentage of fat. This is because the body draws energy from all over the body rather than from one specific place. Even if there is regularly exercise for the arms it will often tone them up before fat will be reduced.

Your problem areas will decrease as soon as your body starts to burn stored fat. Therefore it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Additionally you can tone your problem areas separately and build up muscles. When you burn fat, your former problem area will appear defined.

Difficulty in losing weight in the arms or other problem areas is caused by the result of our genetics. It also depends on the number of fat cells present in various places around the body. We all have different numbers and places where the body tends to deposit more fat cells, this is often the place where we find it annoyingly hard to lose fat from.

If there are a large number of fat cells around the arms, losing fat around the arms will often take longer because there is more fat to shift than in other areas. The best way to define your arms is a combination of losing weight all over the body with aerobic exercises and toning the arm muscles particularly.

Before you start your training, make sure you know how to perform the exercise. Only than you can be sure to train properly in order to build up muscles and lose stored fat. Also you will minimize the risk of injuries which could force you to have a long break to recover.

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