Benefits different treadmill workouts to burn fat


Benefits of using a treadmill to lose weight


A treadmill workout has become a very popular way to lose weight and burn off fat. The great thing about using a treadmill is you can create a different workout to suit all energy levels. If you feel low energy then jump on the treadmill walk gently maybe to the sound of your favorite music.

With a treadmill workout it’s possible to walk, brisk walk or run at a pace, they allow the workout to be customized to match preference. Effective treadmill workouts can also be adapted depending on whether you wish to burn fat or gain fitness, you simply adjust the speed level to make the heart work harder for fitness or slower for fat burning.

When using a treadmill you’ll burn about the same number of calories as walking or running outside however, the great thing is you never have put up with the sounds of vehicles,  people or even the pollution that comes from living near a city. There is also the benefit of no rain or wind to contend with, plus a treadmill workout can be done any time; day or night.


As I believe walking is one of the best weight loss exercises for most people a treadmill would be a worthwhile investment if you can afford a couple hundred dollars. 






* Always seek the approval of a qualified doctor before starting any new exercise, all exercises should be performed under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Please read our Terms of use!



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