Attending Fat Camp to Lose Weight

Fat camps have become a modern day trend and a very popular way of losing weight. Attending a camp means a commitment to weight loss and cutting ties with everyday excuses to avoid exercise and eat bad food.

Typically one will attend over a period of a week or two, sometimes even a month at a time. Most fat camps offer weekend courses for those who work throughout the week and/or have young children.

The Positives of Fat Camps

At face value these seem like a great idea. There are nutritionists and fitness experts, even doctors on hand if you run into problems; all the tools you require to lose weight are there to assist you in your goal. You have the added benefit of other overweight people around you for motivation, and together you can face this challenge head on.

You might also get a kick out of the competition and challenge yourself to lose the most weight out of the group. Fat camps also provide a shock to the system, a wakeup call that paints a clear picture of where you are and where you could end up.

The Negatives of Fat Camps

There is a significant flip side to that positive view of this form of weight loss. The first being that all the motivation is provided for you, from the time you walk in until the time you leave you are pushed to lose weight; sounds good but what happens when you leave? Once you walk out the door its all on you, you have to find that motivation within yourself.

No person ever loses weight until they have enough motivation to do so on their own without someone cracking the whip behind them. Without this motivation you may crumble back into your old ways as soon as the camp doors are shut behind you.

When you attend a camp you will see an abundance of overweight people, this will provide a sense of normality, a sign that fat isn’t necessary abnormal or bad. Afterall society is at its fattest. In a group of fat people you may find security, belonging and empathy, three things detrimental to your weight loss plans.

Like smoking, drinking, sugar and coffee cessation, weight loss requires a will from within. Fat camps tend to wrap attendees up in cotton without the temptations of the real world at arms reach.

At fat camp you won’t have cupboards stuffed full of doughnuts and chocolates tempting you each time you enter the kitchen, yet in the real world these things are on offer at every street corner and at every house you visit.

Food is an addiction, and the only way to halt addiction is to want to stop. Trying is easy, as is paying money to attend a fat camp to make you feel like you are being proactive. But the solution comes from inside; a trigger must be pulled that indicates you have had enough of being overweight and that you are ready and willing to change at all costs.

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