Fat Cells and Enzymes: How Your Body Works

There are a lot of myths out there about how your body works. It’s not hard at all to find out the truth. Scientific research has revealed the facts, and these facts are available in a wide location of places. But the myths sometimes sound a lot better, and thus people stop hunting around for the facts about how something like fat cells work in their body.

For instance, one of the biggest myths floating around about fat is that, with a little bit of effort, fat is able to be transformed into muscle. Fat is not protein, first and foremost, and there’s nothing within a fat cell that would cause it to suddenly transform into a protein. So this is a myth that’s been around a long time, but it’s unequivocally false.

Another myth you’ll find floating around the weight loss world is that some medications or techniques out there, usually very expensive (ironic, huh?), can help your body produce enzymes that will burn away the fat while you sleep, while you eat, and leave you looking slim and trim in no time at all. Again, this is another myth about fat that is completely false.

Your body contains absolutely no enzymes that are able to break down fat cells on their own. I know; it’s very sad when you think about it. The process of burning fat in your body is a complicated one, and one that you should understand fully before attempting to get on any type of fat-burning diet.

The human body doesn’t use one enzyme to break down fat cells; instead, it uses many different enzymes working together to bust open fat cells to feed off of their energy. In fact, that’s the only reasons humans even store fat – for energy. If we would have evolved differently, not needing to store the energy, then we would be able to pass most fat cells along with other waste materials. But that’s not the path our bodies chose.

Most fats you eat will stay fats in your body, and most carbohydrates you eat will also join your body in becoming fat cells (if they’re not immediately used upon ingestion). This means that, unless your body absolutely has to burn these cells for energy, they’re going to linger around and cause weight gain – they’ll make you fat.
Fat cells group together under the dermis and continue to pile up until which time they are used. Simply put, unless your body needs them, they’re going to stay there and continue to pile up.

You can force your body to use them by being active and using up the energy. Once your body’s energy is depleted, it will immediately start busting open fat cells, stealing their energy, and burning them away.

To aid in this process, obviously, it’s not wise to ingest any more fat than you need. This is what proper diet and exercise is all about.

Avoid the so-called miracle cures; avoid the medications and myths. Focus on the science and losing weight, while still probably difficult, is something you can achieve.

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