Chicken fat in Chicken leg what is the fat content of fresh chicken breast


Fat in Chicken

The table below shows how much fat in fresh chicken from different parts prepared using various cooking methods. The fat content is calculated for 100 grams ( 3.5 ounces ).  An average chicken portion is usually about 150 grams however portion size will vary between individuals.


Chicken breast is the leanest part of a fresh chicken but in the table it shows chicken fat is lower in chicken legs, this is simply because the bone was included on weighing. In reality a bone is often present in the leg and the bone may make up 30% of the weight. In fact a chicken leg contains more fat than the breast for meat only.


The chicken fat in the darker meat is slightly higher in fat however it is rich in iron. The chicken fat from the skin is very high so it should be removed to lower the fat content if you want to lose weight.


Chicken fat table: 

Chicken portion 100g (3.5oz) Fat Calories
 Chicken Breast only – Boiled 5 grams 154
– roasted chicken breast 6.6g 170
– grilled using Lean Grilling Machine 4g 143
– deep fried chicken breast 10g 200
Chicken Leg + bone, no skin – boiled 4g 120
– roasted with oil 5g 143
– grilled using Grilling Machine 2g 182
– deep fried chicken leg 8g 170
Chicken Wing + bones with skin – boiled 5.7g 166
– roasted with little oil 7.3g 177
– grilled using Machine 4.6g 153
– deep fried chicken wing 11g 210
Breast with breadcrumbs, fried 12.7g 241
Fried in batter 12g 233

   Values for the fat content in fresh chicken may vary between different portions!



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