Maximum Fat Loss in One Week

The maxiumum amount of body fat (not weight loss) an average person could lose in one week depends on the individual, but generally around 2 pounds!

This might seem little, but there are 3500 calories of energy in 1 pound of fat, even if you could create a deficit of 1000 calories each day. This would equal 2 pounds of fat loss per week (7000 divide by 3500). You cannot realistically lose any more body fat because you cannot live without food. In other words, you can only create so much of an energy deficit within the diet.

You must still have adequate food/nutritional intake or your body will break down huge amounts of lean body weight and muscle in order to continually supply the necessary proteins and essential nutrients. Starving oneself will only cause a reduced metabolism and limit any further fat loss!

Some people may think 2 pounds is not enough. But you must realise that:

  1. If it was consistent, the loss would equal 24 pounds in 12 weeks!
  2. And you must remember the majority would be FAT LOSS and not just weight.

If you did manage to lose 24 pounds of excess body fat, I can tell you that the difference would be tremendous, you would look so good! Even a 200 pound person with 40% body fat would look great!

The result of this fictional case would be:

  • Starting Weight – 200 pounds (120 pounds of lean mass and 80 pounds of stored fat (=40%))
  • Losing 24 pounds of pure fat = 56 pounds of stored fat left.
  • If we add the lean weight back to the remaining fat we get 176 pounds in total weight.
  • This means a new body fat percentage of 32%.

So even an obese person could possibly lose up to a quarter of their stored body fat within 12 weeks – this is great weight loss progress! We don’t see those results consistently on the scales because of muscle and fluid gains.

Muscle is built to adapt to exercise because when you do new exercise you’re pushing the muscles beyond there normal capacity, thus there is a need for more strength. Because muscle is made up largely of water there’s usually a slight gain in weight. This means that the fat weight loss from an increase in activity can be masked by a slight gain in muscle.

What you need to do to budge the scales quickly
If you persist with an exercise regime for just a few more weeks, the gradual fat loss will continue but muscle growth will cease and you’ll start to see the results on the weighing scales once more.

Growth stops for one main reason
Muscle needs energy to build up, that is fact! Yes, I know you’re consuming fewer calories than required but if you have ample amounts of stored body fat then your body can use up the excess for normal daily maintenance then use your nutritional intake for the new muscle. This is the reason why building up a faster metabolism through extra muscle growth is a great way to help the body use up its excess fat stores.

The best way to achieve faster weight loss is to increase the metabolism by feeding the muscle and exercising to burn off the excess fat. This is by far the best way to permanent and final weight loss because the higher metabolism will ensure your body demands a greater energy consumption, and this is good news because you will not need to stick to horribly strict diets in order to maintain a great figure you’ve always wanted!

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