Body fat monitors Review of the best hand held body fat monitors

Are you trying to lose weight and feel better about yourself? Then you need to find a reliable body fat monitor for your home. One of these four body fat monitors will be able to easily help you track your weight and body fat percentage in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are trying to lose weight by eating healthy foods, or you are trying to burn fat and lose weight through exercise – these products will provide you with some great tools to assess your progress.

While these body fat monitors are the best of the best, we’ve included a rating from one (*) to five (*****) stars to help you find the right monitor for you.

1. Tanita BF-679 Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor

Pros: An electrode is built into the patented foot-pad, which sends a perfectly safe signal through the body to calculate weight and body fat in less than 30 seconds. This is considered to be very accurate and consistent.

Cons: The price point of this body fat monitor could be a little too high for people on a tight budget.

Best For: People needing accurate, dependable results who don’t mind spending a little bit of money.

Rating: *****


2. OMRON Healthcare Hand Held Body Fat Monitor

Pros: This unit is hand held, which means it is great for people who need to assess their body fat percentage, and are less concerned about weight. It comes in at a good price too.

Cons: If you want to check your weight at the same time, you need to have a separate scale.

Rating: ****


3. Salter 9108 Body Fat Monitor & Scale

Pros: At a great price, this body fat monitor also provides a scale. This monitor can also measure body fat, body water to 0.1% accuracy as well as calculate body mass index. This scale also features a simple scale only mode and an athlete mode option.

Cons: Being of a very specific design, this body fat monitor may not appeal to all consumers. Other than that, the cons seem to be limited.

Rating: *****


4. Complete Medical Hand Grip Body Fat Analyzer

Pros: At the cheapest price point, this provides the perfect tool for people on a budget. This product can measure both body fat and hydration percentages. The unit measures 4% – 45% body fat and 37.8% – 66% body water.

Cons: As this unit does not have a scale unit, users who want to assess their weight will have to either buy another scale or use one they already have.

Rating: ****




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