Fatigue: A Growing Health Issue

By Patricia ZelmEmmart CHHC, AADP

Fatigue is becoming a common health complaint with individuals of all ages. As lifestyles become busier more people are finding fatigue a health issue.

With fatigue there is no specific gender, age group, racial or ethnic group. All are at risk. But, studies are showing that the group of individuals that are experiencing the most of 40 to 50 years olds. It also shows that 4 out of 5 are women.

Fatigue is a condition that is referred to as being exhausted, tired, and weak. It can be caused by a multitude of factors, both physical and mental. This makes it challenging to accurately diagnosis.

Symptoms with this condition:

  • Lack of energy and strength
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of memory or concentration
  • Lack of refreshing sleep
  • Lack of desire to exercise
  • Lack of motivation to perform normal tasks

The causes of fatigue come in short term and long term:

  1. Short Term causes:
    • Stress
    • Medications: Both over the counter and prescriptions can make you feel weak and tired.
    • Caffeine Overload: Too much, too late.
    • Eating Disorder: Lack of adequate nutrition.
    • Sleep Disorder: Doing a sleep study could be the answer.
  2. Long Term Causes:
    • Anemia: Low iron
    • Fibromyalgia: Severe aching of muscle and joints.
    • Heart Disease
    • Autoimmune Disease: Celiac disease, Multiple sclerosis
    • Depression
    • Cancer

The treatment of fatigue will greatly depend on how severe the problem is. Treatment could be as simple as a lifestyle change through supplements, exercise or your diet.

If the condition is long term it may take medications, along with lifestyle changes. Both short and long term fatigue may take going through a number of tests to determine the best treatment for your case.

Talking with your Doctor, sharing your how you are feeling and what your syptoms are is important. Your Doctor will evaluate what the best treatment plan is for your individual situation.

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