How female figures have changed with trends fashion

Look, there’s a woman, whoa, there’s another one. They’re everywhere! On billboards, television commercials, magazine ads, in the movies and just about everywhere else, women – specifically certain parts of their bodies – are used to fuel various economic trends.

As unfair as that may seem, that is the way that it has been, is and will be. The female figure is used to sell everything. Clothing, cosmetics, diet supplements, food, cars and more are all marketed largely through the use of the female body.

However, not just any female figure will do. Oh no. It needs to be young, tall, thin – in essence, completely beautiful in every way imaginable. And many times, these female figures are presented as being beautiful beyond the capacity for a “normal” woman to realistically match.

The vast majority of real women do not have makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, lighting technicians and graphic air-brush artists available to make them glamorous to the degree that seems to be so common in the media. Still, it’s everywhere. Men are gawking and women are growing more insecure by the day. They want that perfect life that is promised to them if only they were to lose that weight, have that perfect skin and have a perfectly toned hourglass figure.

Setting Impossible Standards

The industries for cosmetics, clothing and diet products in particular capitalize heavily by making women feel substandard. The female figures that appear in ads are not real. In many cases, they are merely computerized images of famous models that have been completely manipulated in a graphic sense.

Advertisers fully understand that by setting their standards too high to reach, they will maximize their profit margins for the long run. And when the diet supplement industry fails, the industries for cosmetics, exercise plans, cosmetic surgeries, designer clothing and more take over. After all, just because a woman doesn’t need to lose any more weight doesn’t mean that she isn’t still aging.

The results can be devastating for millions of women across the planet. Insecurity sparks sales. Products that cannot deliver the levels of beauty and glamour that these women desire lead to a sense of failure and unattractiveness. This further breeds insecurity – and more sales – and in many cases serious depression; further, this loss of self-esteem and the desire to defeat it breeds very unhealthy eating and other lifestyle habits.

The Effects of Societal Standards on Women

Millions of women who are affected by the unrealistic and unattainable glamour presented by mass media sources develop the following detrimental habits for attempted weight loss and beauty enhancement:

  • Bulimia;
  • Ridiculously excessive exercising;
  • Abusing laxatives;
  • Refusing to eat at all;
  • Drug use;

Research has shown the following facts

  • More than 45% of preadolescent females claim that they wish to be thinner. As a result they have engaged in improper dieting habits;
  • 35% of females between the ages of six and 12 years old report having been on at least one diet already;
  • Approximately 60% of all girls within their normal weight range seriously believe that they are too heavy;
  • 90% of all adult women report being dissatisfied with their bodies in one way or another.

Magazines, television shows and motion pictures all act in conjunction to affect the mentalities of a staggering percentage of all women. These media sources cause women by the hundreds of millions to feel chronically anxious about their weight levels and appearances.

The Cold, Hard Truth

Not everybody is meant to be physically beautiful. Not everybody is meant to be a model. Every individual human on the planet, female or male, has a completely unique “recipe” for what makes them who they are.

The way they look, the way they talk, the way they think and the way they act are all totally independent of any other human being. The truth is that the representations of female beauty in most mass media outlets are not obtainable for the majority of women (or men). It is very necessary to recognize the profound importance of this fact.

Media images that are meant to represent female beauty will never be realistically able to be matched by the majority of the earth’s population. Each individual needs to diligently endeavor to recognize their own internal beauties, develop their personality characteristics as they would choose – and most importantly, strive to live a holistically healthy lifestyle in general. In these ways only, the natural beauty inherent in any individual will emerge in shining fashion. True beauty – real life beauty – stems from the inside, and nowhere else.


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