Five Simple Changes for More Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss does not need to be complicated, daunting or arduous. It actually can be rather simple. The most basic challenge to losing weight is usually little more than focus. Staying connected to your weight loss goals is the real challenge. When you can do that, avoiding over-eating is not difficult.

Here are five simple things that can make your weight loss approach more likely to result in success:

1. Drink water 30 minutes before each meal and between every alcoholic beverage. The health benefits of drinking water cannot be overemphasized. For dieters, drinking water is not only a tool for complete health but also a way to avoid over-eating. By drinking a large glass of water 30 minutes before each meal, you become fuller faster. Additionally, drinking water in between alcoholic drinks on social outings can have the dual benefit of helping you avoid alcohol calories as well as reduce the unsavory hangover effects of alcohol that largely stem from dehydration.

2. Focus harder in the gym. Exercise is a crucial component of weight loss. There is an over-emphasis in weight loss culture of finding ways to lose weight without having to actually move. That’s crap. Exercise is a hugely beneficial tool for losing weight that should be utilized by everyone serious about transforming their body. The trouble for some is not in finding motivation to exercise but in finding motivation to focus on exercise once they’ve started. The goal of being in the gym is to get stuff done. Fitness does not require a huge daily time commitment. If you’re spending more than one hour in the gym, you’re doing it wrong. Get in there, focus, work hard, get through your objectives and go home!

3. Start juicing. Don’t let the $100-$200 price of buying a juicer stop you from making one of the best possible decisions for your health. The weight loss benefits of juicing make a juicer one of the smartest investments possible. Juicing allows you to consume an immense amount of vegetables and nutrients in just a few gulps. Since most vegetables are low in calories, you can drink as much juice as you want without fretting about calories. Vegetable juice can stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for processed, sugary foods.

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4. Avoid dough. There is a perception among many that bread is an acceptable component of a diet. Grains are even the more prominent feature on the USDA food pyramid. But the USDA food pyramid is outdated crap. Bread is made of dough. There’s a reason people use the term “dough boy” when being cruel to over-weight people. Next time you’re thinking about eating bread, just remember that it originated as dough. Dough sure does resemble excess body fat, doesn’t it?

5. Fill up on protein. As a general rule, it’s better to fill up on protein than fat or carbs. Build meals rich in protein with limited quantities of the other stuff. It’s okay to eat eggs for breakfast. High protein foods keep you energized, help you feel fuller, and repair muscles following workouts. When faced with a choice between meals, choose the meal with a higher quantity of protein.

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