Five Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

During most of the year, dealing with stress on your own schedule works out rather well. Even if you’re really stressed out, most people can cope and keep it from bleeding over and interfering with their professional or personal lives.

But during the holidays, we’re dealing with a different monster entirely. Stress can take its toll in a hurry, and if you don’t take steps to deal with it, it could easily cause you to lash out or to shut down completely.

Here are some tips to deal with that inevitable holiday stress.

  • Don’t Schedule

    A lot of us make schedules during the holiday season. Sure, they’re just there to remind us of what we need to do and in what order. But if you get behind or miss a step, it can really start to stress you out.

    Having a planner with some notes is okay, but don’t ever deal with a set schedule. There’s just too much stress involved, and you don’t need that in your life.

  • Stay Active

    Exercise is always a great way to beat that stress back. Maybe you don’t have time to get on the exercise bike in the morning or to attend that Pilates class, but you will need to stay active in some form or fashion if you’re looking to avoid stress. Get out there and take a walk by yourself every once in a while. Be active and keep that stress away.

  • Be Helpful

    Being helpful around the holidays is like finding a hobby for the timeframe. Whether it’s helping your mother make cookies or helping someone decorate their Christmas tree, etc, do things around the house – lend a hand and be helpful. Don’t put pressure on yourself, but make sure that you’re actually doing something that will keep your mind off of the duties and the timeframe and any other factor that would otherwise have you stressed out over the holidays.

  • Speak Your Mind

    No matter what time of year it is, you’ll always hear that it’s never a good thing to keep your emotions bottled up. When you’re beginning to feel stressed out around the holiday season, be sure that you don’t let it simmer. Find someone to speak your mind to. Tell someone how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. More often than not, simply getting it off your chest will help you to relax.

  • Shop Alone

    One of the biggest reasons that we get stressed out over the holiday season is because we’re always around other people, and the constant talking and the cheerfulness (ironic!) can really get under your skin after a while. Take a day to yourself to make sure you keep your head clear. Go shopping by yourself and blow off some steam. Shopping alone means you’re working on your own schedule and can keep your own pace.

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