How to Lose Flabby Arms

The cause of flabby arms is often due to gaining too much body weight overall. As we gain weight, our body will find areas where excess fat can be stored. Because we have fat cells all over the body, fat will inevitably be stored around the arms.

Although the distribution of fat around the body will depend upon the person as well as the gender of the person, there are generally fewer fat cells around the extremities of the body. As the body stores more and more fat around the main areas such as the stomach, thighs, chest and back, the body will store fat to the arms, neck and face to balance the shape of the body.

Where our body first decides to store the excess fat is mainly down to genetics. If your whole family tends to store more fat around the thighs, then there’s a high probability that you’ll store fat on the thighs more than any other area.

How to Slim Down Flabby Arms

Here are some strategies to get rid of flabby arms:

  1. Reduce your overall body fat levels.

    As body fat percentage is reduced, it will eventually reduce the fat around the arms as well.

  2. Tone up flabby arms.

    Toning up the muscles at the back of the arms will give the arms a leaner appearance. You could try some exercises here.

By toning the muscles in the arm, fat arms will appear reduced but the fat will still remain. Therefore, you should not rely on only exercising the arms to get rid of flab in the arms, but on doing general exercise and going on a weight loss program to reduce body fat overall.

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