6 Tips How to Fight Food Cravings

Dieting is about a lifestyle change. Even if your diet is successful, it’s still easy to fall back into those old traps and to put weight back on. This is because food is everywhere around us, and fast, unhealthy food is always cheap and convenient to buy.

In order to hold true to your resolution losing weight and keeping your desired weight, it’s important that you stay motivated and fight off those cravings.

How to Fight Food Cravings

  1. Reprogram Your Mind to Switch Foods

    Every time you think about eating that cinnamon bun or danish, reach for an apple or a banana. Keep a small basket of these fruits to hand so that it is easy to do change your reflexes. This will help diminish the cravings in comparison to just eating smaller portions of what you ate before.

  2. Purge the Area

    Clear your home and office of sweets, snacks and biscuits. In order to get around craving something, you have to avoid the temptation physically. Out of sight may not equal out of mind, but any cravings will result in you eating an apple or a celery stick with peanut butter instead of a tray of Oreo’s.

  3. Submit to Good Food

    Eat a handful of tasty nuts/seeds, rye bread with a thin slice of low fat cheese or even a small bar of dark (70% cocao) chocolate and drink a glass of water or have a cup of hot green tea that will warm you up and make you feel full. If you completely resist cravings, you can end up binge eating.

  4. Sleep Well

    Make sure you have a bath with lavender essential oils before bedtime or drink a small cup of warm malted drink such as Horlicks or Ovaltine, to help you sleep better. One bad night’s sleep can completely throw the body’s natural functions off and the body will start craving sugary foods to cope with disturbances.

  5. Stay Distracted

    If you are stuck indoors play a computer game or read a book, but if you can make it out of doors you can take a walk or go to the gym. This will keep your hands busy so that you don’t reach for that snack.

  6. Eat Regularly and Eat Well

    Missing meals or having an unbalanced diet can mean that your body can overreact and crave for more food even when you have eaten. That makes it so important to eat regularly small and healthy portions.

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