Foods rich in Vitamin A

The top three foods highest in vitamin A are liver, cod liver oil and carrots. Vitamin A is one of the most essential vitamins. It is vital for good vision, healthy skin, normal growth and the renewal of body tissue, and it helps protect the body from infections.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in 2 different forms. They are Retinol and Carotene**. Retinol is the most purest form of vitamin A, and the Carotene form is converted into Retinol and stored in the liver.

Vitamin A plays an essential role in aiding vision, in maintaining healthy skin and in preserving healthy bones and teeth. It also helps to maintain the mucous membranes, the internal skin surface of our respiratory system and of our digestive organs, and as these are in the first line of attack by an infection, the vitamin became known as the “anti-infective” vitamin for its protective role.

List of high vitamin A foods

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What are the health risks of too much vitamin A?

Large doses of vitamin A can be dangerous and will cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, itching skin and even hair loss. Never exceed the limit. If you eat lots of foods rich in vitamin A in the form of carotene the body will absorb it, but take care not to go overboard with supplements or foods high in vitamin A

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