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Foods to store at home for a healthier diet


It’s hard to lose weight if you’re still eating mostly processed or junk foods. These often contain extra sugar and fat as hidden calories. Losing weight is much easier if you can adapt to a healthier diet full of fresh foods. Proper healthy meals can provide lots of nutrients without all the calories to give you more energy for exercise. Although you should never change your daily diet overnight most dieters should be slowly changing their eating habits by making sure they have plenty of healthier options available at hand. This means gradually clearing out the cupboards and replacing most of the bad foods with many basic, natural produce.

To make it easier to develop healthy eating we have provided a list of foods and ingredients which should be included in the cupboards at home. We have included a list of flavourings such as herbs and spices to help boost taste and give more versatility in preparing healthy meals.


Grains Pulses & Legumes
Barley Black-eyed Beans
Brown Rice Baked Beans
Buckwheat Flakes Borlotti Beans
Bulgar Wheat Butter Beans
Muesli Kidney Beans
Millet Lentils
Noodles Other dried Beans
Oats Other dried Peas


Tins & Bottles & Cartons Herbs & Spices
Anchovies Allspice
Cider Vinegar
Honey Cinnamon Powder
Herring Tinned Coriander
Mustard Cumin
Nut Oils Garlic Paste
Olives Ground Ginger
Olive oil Lo-Salt
Pumpkin Seed Oil Nutmeg
Pureed Tomato Oregano
Salmon in Tins Paprika
Sardines in oil Rosemary
Sesame Seed Oil Sage
Tins Tomato Thyme
Tuna in tins Turmeric
Wine Vinegar Vegetable Stock Powder
Yoghurt (plain natural)  



* Always seek approval from a qualified dietician before introducing new foods or starting any new diet. Please read our Terms of use first!

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