Foods to Get Rid of Forever

You know there are foods you shouldn’t be eating, things like candy bars, instant noodles, and TV dinners–all foods that are just far too unhealthy for you to eat while on a weight loss diet. But, there are a few foods that you should wean yourself off of, foods that make your weight loss even harder. They may seem innocuous, but these foods to get rid of may be stopping you from getting that snazzy body you want.

Here are a few of the foods to get rid of forever:

Lunch Meat

Processed ham isn’t a healthy choice, no matter how low in calories it may be. It’s always going to be loaded with salt, nitrates, and chemicals, and you’ll end up slowing down your metabolism. If you need to have something for quick lunches, use turkey and chicken breast to make delicious sandwiches. It’s lower in calories AND free of those chemicals stopping you from getting shredded abs.


Nothing goes better in a sandwich than pickles, but unfortunately they’re so loaded with sodium that you’ll be doing your heart a disservice. Every heart smart dieter will need to limit the amount of pickles they eat, or else reduce sodium elsewhere in their diet. Instead of pickles, why not try sauerkraut? The cabbage topping is quite delicious, and it’s fairly low in sodium.

Whole Milk

Whole milk may not be as necessary as you think, and it’s certainly going to slow down your diet progress. Whole milk contains a lot of fat and calories, which could raise your cholesterol to dangerous levels. Go for low-fat or half-fat milk, or get off dairy altogether. Coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk are all interesting alternatives–albeit costly ones.

Tonic Water

Want to replace soda with something more natural and lower in calories? Why not try lemon juice squeezed into tonic water? Tonic water still has plenty of sugar, particularly in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Go for mineral water or seltzer instead, and you’ll find yourself dealing with far fewer calories and a much more natural flavor!


You know that juice is very high in sugar, and the fact that it contains no fiber means that it’s simple sugars that will IMMEDIATELY be broken down by your body. Anything with added sugar is an immediate no-no, but even 100% juice can be too high in sugar. If you MUST have something sweet and juicy, stick with 100% pomegranate, cherry, grapefruit, or grape juice. All of these juices offer your body something more than just great taste.


It has been said that margarine is an acceptable replacement for butter, but the truth is that margarine is just as bad for your cholesterol as butter–worse in some cases. The chemicals used to make the margarine will also cause inflammation, slowing down your body and making your metabolism run at half steam. Butter, while more natural, isn’t much better. It’s high in saturated fat, which will affect your cholesterol just as much. Instead, try coconut oil, nature’s tasty butter that is loaded with healthy fats.

Fruit Yoghurt

While unsweetened yoghurt is very healthy, by the time it hits the shelves it has been loaded with sugar, fruit, and all the other stuff that makes it a very sugary food. The only kind of yoghurt you should be eating is the kind that contains ZERO sugar, and anything that is remotely sweet will have far more sugar than you want in your diet.

“Diet” Anything

Whether it’s diet soda, “light” cocktail mixes, or reduced fat dairy, anything with the word “diet” or “light” in it is going to be absolutely loaded with massive quantities of artificial sweeteners and sugars. You’ll find that all “diet” products are completely unhealthy, so it’s better to go for the natural, whole fat option if you have to–or just cut those foods out altogether.

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