Fun Ways to Get Fit

One of the most common reasons stop their exercise program is that they are simply bored with it.  There’s only so many times that you can ride a stationary bike or follow along to an exercise DVD before you begin to lose your motivation and decide that it’s not worth your mental health to get fit.  Here are some fun ways to get fit, lose weight, and improve your overall health.

Take Care of Pets

Pets are very appreciative of being taken care of.  There’s so much you have to do when you have a pet.  You need to feed them, groom them, clean their bedding or cages, or carry buckets of water for aquariums.  If you have a dog, you have a very willing exercise partner.  A brisk half hour walk at least three times a week will helps you get fit and stay in shape.  If you are not allowed to have pets where you live, consider being a volunteer dog walker at your local animal shelter.

Play With Your Kids

Don’t have pets but have children?  They make great exercise partners, too.  Kids can come up with great variations on favorite games like hide and go seek or Simon Says.  Kids are very enthusiastic and their excitement is often contagious.  Look at the schedules at your local YMCA to see if there are any activities open for parents and kids to participate in together. Most YMCAs offer private and small group swimming lessons; you and your children can learn water safety while getting great exercise. Getting in the habit of exercising is a positive example that you can set for your kids.  Likewise, some board games require you and other players to do physical tasks instead of just moving a game piece around a board; play these games with your kids.

Start Dancing

Don’t have time or money to go to a gym?  Just turn on your favorite music and dance away.  If you feel self-conscious, draw the blinds before you start dancing. There is no wrong way to dance to your favorite music. Even if you enjoy classical music, you can pretend to be a conductor.  You’ll soon find out why conductors are so thin.  Just stop dancing or conducting if you feel any pain or shortness of breath. It’s good to walk slowly for a couple of minutes after dancing to help reduce muscle pulls.

Make Love

Making love not only feels good, it is good exercise.  A 30 minute roll between the sheets helps give you a good cardiovascular workout and burns around 85 calories. One British study followed volunteers for 20 years. They discovered that those who had sex an average of twice a week had much healthier hearts. 

Take Walking or Bike Tours

Taking a tour helps stimulate your brain and your muscles.  Find out if your city, historical monument, zoo, arboretum or local park offers walking tours or biking tours.  If you are planning a vacation, a walking or biking tour is a good way to not only see the sights, but get fit.

Fun Ways to Get Fit Considerations

It is definitely much easier to get fit when you’re having fun. Find an enjoyable physical activity to make part of your regular lifestyle. If you are under the care of a medical doctor, taking prescription drugs, or have an existing health condition , it is advisable to get a physical examination before beginning a new exercise routine. Discuss any concerns that you have about getting fit with your healthcare provider. If you are suffering with obesity, talk to a nutritionist to develop a healthy eating plan to follow in conjunction with exercise.

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