Get Rid of These Things to Get Rid of Your Gut

Did you know that having excess belly fat is actually more dangerous than having a high body fat percentage overall? Having a big gut means that here is extra fat around your midsection, and that fat is likely to slow down organ function, reduce sensitivity to appetite controlling hormones, and more! It’s vital to get rid of your gut in order to stay healthy, so here are a few simple things you can do to increase belly fat burning:

Hit Your Core

Doing abs exercises is not going to get you a six pack, at least not without full body workouts to get rid of body fat everywhere. However, working your abs can help to increase belly fat burning. After all, you are working the muscles beneath the belly fat, so your body has to pull energy from the fat you have stored around your gut. While you do need to work your whole body, paying special attention to your core can help to burn more belly fat specifically.

Ditch Soda

All soda–even diet soda–is terrible for your health. Not only does the carbonation lead to bloating and gas, but the sugar in the soda adds way too many calories to your daily intake. And don’t think for a moment that diet soda is any better–in fact, it’s almost WORSE for your health! Soda drinkers tend to consume more calories than the average person, so you’ll find it harder to stay on track with your weight loss. Worse still, your body has no way of processing the sugars and chemicals in soda, so you’re basically filling your system with toxins. Say no to soda!

Make Your Weekends Active

People who have lazy weekends tend to make poor food choices! If you stay up past midnight and sleep in late, you’re more likely to eat junk food. You will also consume less fruits and veggies than you should, and you’ll spend more time lounging around the house. Instead of sleeping in too much, get an early jump on your weekends, and make them as active as possible.

Quit Smoking

If you want to lose your gut, it’s time to quit smoking once and for all! It has been proven that smokers tend to have more belly fat than non-smokers, not to mention less muscle mass. Smoking will have a negative effect on every area of your health. For those who are serious about getting in shape and getting rid of their gut, it’s a good idea to kick your bad habit!

Limit Eating Out

While it’s always nice to go out for a bite to eat with your spouse or significant other, it’s definitely not something you want to do too often. The food you eat while out will usually be higher in calories than the food you eat at home, as it will be breaded, fried in butter, crusted, smothered, or served with cream sauce. It’s much harder to limit calories when eating out, so cut back to going out no more than three or four times per month.

Stop Stress Eating

We all have a tendency to eat when we are stressed! But did you know that stress eating is more likely to cause weight gain than regular overeating? When you stress eat, you tend to consume sugars, fats, and carbs, and rarely in moderation. You eat cake, cookies, candy bars, sweets, and other things that “feel good” to your body. This is going to increase your calorie intake, making it harder to lose weight!

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