Getting back good shape after becoming fat – how long?



Getting Back To Shape And Staying Fit




Yoga is a popular option not just with the celebrities but also among those who are looking for a more relaxed way to lose weight. You must choose an appropriate time for exercising. While mornings suit some people, some like exercising in the evening. You can do yoga anytime of the day that’s convenient for you. However, some postures cannot be done immediately after a meal. You could check with your Yoga instructor about the appropriate time to do a certain asana or a posture. The breathing exercises help burn off the calories. With some postures, you could move your muscles in a particular area freely, while with some others you could develop strength and stamina. Yoga not only helps you stay in shape, but also rejuvenates the mind.

Cardiovascular exercises could be high intensity or slow and steady. You must choose something that will not cause fatigue easily. You could alternate between different cardio exercises. While the high intensity exercises help in maintaining a greater metabolism throughout the day, the slow and steady approach burns off fat and not carbohydrates. You could try both and see what best suits you. Aerobics, running, walking, swimming, sprinting, elliptical trainer, rowing, and rock climbing are some of the options.

Pilates is a fabulous way to stay in shape. This combines the benefits of yoga and aerobics. There’s better coordination and your muscles are strengthened. Improving concentration, muscular control, and flexibility are some of the key advantages. Breathing awareness and efficient movement are the cornerstones of this set of exercises. Pregnant women are however advised to seek expert guidance when doing Pilates. Usually a reformer is used alongside. These days, mat Pilates is a new form that’s gaining acceptance.

When you are exercising, include multi-joint exercises as part of the routine. You would thus be engaging more joints and muscles in a lower time span. Work on your back, chest, thigh, and other such large muscles as they consume a lot of energy. The metabolic rate improves significantly and hence you would feel energetic throughout the day. With these exercises, the neuromuscular balance improves. There are a number of activities that you could experiment with—squats, leg presses, lunges, step-ups, and push-ups are some of these. You will not only be burning off the fat but also adding muscle.

Variety is needed to keep up your enthusiasm. The results may not be visible right away. Some people could even gain some weight. However, this could be muscle mass. See if your clothes are becoming loose from the skin and if they are, then it’s a sign of you getting back to shape. In case you decide to go solo in your effort to stay in shape, you have to be really determined and stay focused. But don’t strain or push yourself.

There’s an exercise for each one of us that suits our temperament, age, lifestyle, and interest. Some people prefer walking, while some like dancing to high-energy music. You could opt for indoor exercise or outdoor activities. Some people prefer solitude and work out alone; others think that exercising with a group is more fun. You could exercise at home or enroll at the local gym. You could even hire a personal trainer. Make realistic demands on your body. You could try out different activities to ensure that you don’t get bored. Look for a work-out that you would enjoy.







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