Ginger’s Health Benefits

Ginger is one of the most popular spices in the spice cabinet. Perfect for adding a bit a sweet heat to both savory and sugary food, the flavor of ginger is unlike any other. While ginger is mainly known as the star ingredient to gingersnap cookies and gingerbread, it’s also used in teas, coffee, and curr ies. It’s extremely versatile and gives food a bit of extra punch.

Not only does ginger pack the flavor, but it also has numerous health benefits. So the next time you start cooking, add a pinch of ginger to give yourself a nutritional boost.

The Health Benefits of Ginger:

  1. Cold and Flu: Ginger is warming when you’re ill.
  2. Immune System: Ginger has immune boosting properties
  3. Digestion: Ginger helps to aid the digestive track
  4. Morning Sickness: Ginger aids in soothing the stomach when nauseas.
  5. Motion Sickness: Studies have shown that ginger is effective in calming the stomach.
  6. Arthritis: some studies have shown that ginger helps to decrease the pain of those with arthritis
  7. Blood: Although it’s still being tested, ginger might be blood thinning and cholesterol lowering, which aids in reducing heart disease.
  8. Pain and Inflammation: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain.
  9. Menstrual Cramp Relief: helps to dissolve cramps.
  10. Heartburn: Ginger is a heartburn remedy, try using ginger in tea for this ailment.
  11. Migraines: Helps to reduce inflammation of blood vessels, which cause migraine.
  12. Anxiety: Ginger may help reduce anxiety.
  13. Energy: Ginger is considered a stimulant and in Indonesia it is used to help reduce fatigue.
  14. Ovarian Cancer: Some studies have shown that ginger causes cell death in ovarian cancer
  15. Colon Cancer: Ginger may slow the growth of cancer cells in the colon.

Try adding a bit of ginger to your morning tea, or bake some gingerbread cookies, you can even add a bit to roasted veggies for a super flavorful side dish. Adding a bit of ginger to your meals will give you amazing, zesty flavor with extra nutritional benefits.


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