Great Ways to Have More Active Weekends

Being more active is the key to losing weight and getting in shape! You can’t just train at the gym for a few hours a week and expect to get fit, but it takes a lot of hard work–both during your regular training and during the off hours. And yes, that goes for your weekends. You need to have more active weekends, with activities that get you moving and burning calories. Here are a few ways to be more active on the weekends:


If you live near a beach, an early morning or late afternoon walk along the ocean side is one of the best ways to spend an hour. It’s mild exercise, but will work wonders to get your muscles pumping and your blood flowing. You can also take a hike into the mountains, stroll through a park, or walk through the forest. Spend an hour or two walking each weekend, and you’ll see the difference in your waistline in no time!


Fishing isn’t the most active of activities–you spend a lot of time sitting and waiting. But if you fish in a rowboat, you’ll get a great workout rowing to and from the dock. You can also hike to a secluded spot on the lake, or trek with all your fishing gear up a mountain to fish in a river.


Golf is a beautifully sedentary sport, and the perfect combination of relaxation and activity. The action of swinging the golf club is mild exercise, and you can get a good workout by walking all 9 or 18 holes. No golf cart for you, and haul your own clubs! You’ll love the chance to kick back and relax, yet it will still be a good way to be active.


Do something nice for someone else and bake them cookies, cakes, or homemade bread. Do all the mixing by hand, and knead the bread yourself. Rolling out the dough is good exercise, and will help you to burn a few more calories. Just make sure not to eat too many of your baked goods, or all your hard work will be for nothing.

Chop Wood

If you’ve got a wood stove, there’s no better way to get exercise and keep your house warm than by chopping wood. Within 30 minutes, you’ll have worked up a sweat, and your muscles will have gotten a good workout.


Don’t let your garden fell into a state of chaos, but take care of it. Spend an hour or two every weekend pulling weeds, cutting the grass, trimming dead leaves and branches, and fixing any sagging structures. You’ll find that time flies as you have fun in the garden, and it will be a good chance for you to get mild exercise while keeping your home clean.

Clean House

You can get a good workout by keeping your house clean! Sweep, mop, and vacuum all the floors, and give the surfaces a good cleaning. Take a few hours to clean out your garage or straighten the attic and basement. These activities will be more than just a good workout–they’ll help you keep everything in order.

Wash Your Car

Don’t use a pressure washer, but get in there with a good old-fashioned car sponge and bucket. Scrub the car from top to bottom, and clean it inside and out. Your car will look beautiful once more, and you’ll work up a good sweat. It’s a win-win–you get a workout, and you keep your car in good condition.



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