Additional Healthy Dieting Menus illustrating medium calories

Samples of Diet Menus using Healthy Foods *

Listed below are 3 more diet menus ranging from low to upper-medium calories per day. All the diets are composed of fresh, healthy, natural foods and ingredients. For a healthy diet always try to choose fresh, natural foods and ingredients. Also, choose lower salt options for any meal, and try not to add salt when cooking if using any type of processed dressing or sauce as these tend to contain lots of added salt.


To help keep calories low I always drink plenty of bottled water during the day as well as after each meal or snack. It’s surprising how easy it is to drink excess calories through sodas and sugary drinks, but water contains no calories at all!


The following diets are for demonstration purposes only!

If you decide to follow any of the healthy diet examples below or any diet samples on this website you must seek the approval of a qualified dietician before starting the diet plan. Please read our Terms !




Diet Menu of Healthy Foods



  • One boiled egg – 90 calories

  • One slice wholegrain toast with 25g cheese – 205 cals

  • One Banana (sliced) – 107 calories

  • Half Cantaloupe melon – 97 cals

  • Handful of strawberries – 60 cals


  • Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle – 650 TOTAL calories for this dish

  • with 50 grams egg Tagliatelle, half onion, French beans, 80g mushrooms, 50g ham, low-fat yogurt,  little oil & garlic


Cook Tagliatelle separately. Stir-fry sliced onion and garlic (1 tsp) in a little oil. Stir in 100g steamed French beans, mushrooms and herbs. Mix in pasta and cooked ham. Heat, stir in 100ml low-fat Greek yogurt.



  • Small handful of dried fruit and nuts/seeds & almonds – 200 cals

  • Fruit juice – 80 cals


  • Fresh Tuna steak (grilled) –  180 cals

  • 4 small new potatoes with skins – 150 Calories

  • Steamed Vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, carrots) – 110 cals

Total Healthy Calories  =  1929



Healthy Diet Menu #2



  • One bowl cereals (Half Bran Flakes, half Muesli with 200ml semi-skimmed milk) –  304 calories

  • One banana – 107 cals

  • One Kiwi fruit – 34 cals

  • Iced Tea or fruit juice – 70 cals approx


  • Egg & Cress sandwich – 310 TOTAL calories for this sandwich!

  • using 2 slices of granary bread, one hard boiled egg chopped, half tablespoon low-fat mayonnaise & cress.

  • One piece of fruit or fruit juice – 60 cals


  • 2 Plums – 67 cals

  • One fruit yogurt – 75 cals


  • Teriyaki Chicken (100g chicken breast, quarter cup of teriyaki sauce from health food store) – 290 total calories

  • 2 cups Fresh steamed vegetables – 150 cals


Marinate chicken for three hours in Teriyaki sauce. Bake or broil for 4 minutes each side.


Total Calories  =  1467 healthy low calories for one day!




Healthy Diet Menu #3



  • 2 Weetabix with sliced banana and semi-skimmed milk – 325 calories

  • add mixed berries – 70 cals

  • Yogurt – 75 cals

  • Tea or coffee (no sugar)


  • One tortilla wrap – 360 TOTAL calories for this wrap & filling!

  • filled with; half small, mashed avocado, sliced tomato, reduced fat mozzarella cheese.

  • Salad + dressing (lettuce, tomato, cucumber & onions) – 80 cals


  • 2 teaspoons peanut butter – 110 calories

  • One slice Granary toast – 110 cals

  • Piece of fruit – 80 calories


  • Salmon Steak (Medium steak grilled with dried herbs) – 200 calories

  • Mashed potatoes – 150 cals

  • Steamed vegetables – 80 cals

Total Calories  =  1640 healthful calories


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