Healthy Foods that are a Total Lie Part 1

It’s amazing how many foods are labeled or marketed as “healthy”, but which offer hardly anything in the way of nutritional value! A lot of “healthy foods” are actually pretty awful for your health, all things considered. Here are some example of healthy foods that are a total lie:

Cereal and Energy Bars

You always see cereal bars, granola bars, and energy bars packaged as “healthy”, masquerading as nutritious snacks that you can eat on the go. What a load of rubbish! Not only are these bars high in sugar, but they contain very little in the way of nutritional value. They’re just one step away from candy bars, and they’re definitely not healthy by any stretch of the imagination!

Diet Soda

So, just because it says the word “diet” on it, that makes it good to eat? Wrong! Diet soda is almost worse than regular soda (almost!). Diet soda is packed with chemicals your body has no way to process, all of which are likely to turn toxic when they enter your system. Your risk of certain types of cancer skyrockets when you drink diet soda, and you’re still affecting your blood sugar negatively–just in a much sneaker way.

Instant Anything

Instant rice, instant oats, instant noodles, instant soup, and all the other “instant” foods out there are going to be a pretty poor health choice. While they may be convenient, they offer next to nothing in terms of nutrients. The flavorings in the instant foods are packed with chemicals, sugar, and additives, and most of the fiber has been removed from the instant foods–leaving only simple carbs that will cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar levels.

Deli Meats

There are a number of deli meats that are touted as healthy, specifically sliced turkey and roast beef. If the meats were cooked the normal way, they would be healthy, but the fact that they’re packaged means that they’re not a healthy choice. Packaged meat is usually highly processed, and it’s almost always loaded with sodium. You can find a few brands that are low in sodium and fairly natural, and those are the brands you always want to purchase.

Pre-Made Wraps

While wraps are supposed to be healthier than subs, hoagies, or sandwiches, that may not always be the case. Sometimes the flour tortillas used for the wraps contain more calories than the bread of the sub or sandwich, and the dressings (usually ranch or Caesar), bacon, ham, cheese, and other ingredients can add up to quite a hefty calorie total. If the wraps are pre-made, there’s no way to eliminate the high-calorie, highly processed ingredients.

Bran Muffins

While “bran” is technically the healthiest part of wheat, it’s not necessarily healthy when baked into a muffin (or processed into bran flakes). Many bran muffins are made with a lot of sugar, butter, and other unhealthy ingredients, but people eat them by the handful because they contain bran. The muffins are almost always loaded with regular flour, but just enough bran to make them look and taste healthy. It’s clever marketing and packaging at its finest!

Dried Fruit

It’s funny how many people believe dried fruit is healthy simply because it was once fruit. Technically, dried fruit isn’t unhealthy. You can eat dried or dehydrated fruit without worrying too much about anything other than the concentrated sugar (all that’s left once you remove the liquid). However, most commercial dried fruit contains sulfur dioxide as a preservative, not to mention added sugar to bring out the flavor. There is some fiber, vitamins, and minerals in the fruit, but it’s closer to natural candy than proper fruit.

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