Healthy Foods Way Too High in Sugar

It’s funny how many foods are marketed as “healthy” these days, and yet they really aren’t. There are so many things that are promoted as being the healthy choice, and they certainly do appear to be healthy. However, once you get past your misconceptions, you’ll realize that they’re just not the healthy option.

Here are a few foods that are loaded with sugar – “healthy” foods that really aren’t all that healthy:


No matter what kind of juice it is, it’s going to be loaded with sugar. Juice is usually made from concentrate, which has had all of the fiber removed. Juice is loaded with vitamins, but it’s also incredibly high in sugar. You get more sugar from a cup of juice than from a candy bar, and it affects your blood sugar even more quickly. Drop juice in favor of eating the fruits themselves.


Most people head to Jamba Juice to get their smoothie on, but the truth is that smoothies are often loaded with far more sugar than is necessary. Syrups are made with high fructose corn syrup, and even yoghurts are often high in sugar. There’s almost no balance of nutrients in the smoothies, and you end up with far more calories and sugar than is good. Once again, go for the real deal rather than the fruit or veggie smoothies.


Most of the yoghurts sold in the supermarket already contain lactose – sugar from milk – and then the manufacturers add sweet flavorings and even more sugar to make it taste good. Fat-free yoghurt has more sugar – both natural and artificial – than the whole-fat type, and even the “naturally-flavored” yoghurts contain a lot more sugar than is healthy. Yoghurt fans should always go unsweetened.

Reduced-Fat Baked Treats

If you see a muffin, a cookie, a scone, or a brownie that is “reduced fat”, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s healthy. Bakeries will almost always increase the sugar content in these reduced fat treats in order to make them taste good now that they’re made without fat. They’re no lower in calories – often higher, to tell the truth – and the sugar content is off the charts. Say no to reduced fat treats.

Fast Food Salads

Have you ever walked into McDonalds or Burger King and ordered the salads? They’re often topped with cheese, chicken, dried cranberries, and a creamy dressing that all just adds in the calories! Fat-free salad dressings are lower in calories, but they contain a whole lot more sugar. Add that in with the apples, cranberries, and other sweet salad components, and you’ve got a high-sugar meal that’s nowhere near as healthy as you might think.


Who doesn’t love a few raisins in their morning oatmeal, or in their oatmeal cookies? You’ll find that raisins – and all dried fruits – are almost nothing more than sugar, so they’re nowhere near as healthy as you might think. Just a handful of raisins is going to be fairly high in sugar, and a cup of the little dried fruits is way more sugar than you need.

Whole Wheat Anything

Most people see “whole wheat” and instantly think that it’s the healthier option. While whole wheat does contain fiber in addition to the carbs, there’s still a whole lot of carbs. That stack of whole wheat pancakes, those whole wheat cakes, or pretty much anything whole wheat is still going to have almost the same amount of sugar as the refined version. The only difference will be the fiber that you get in the food at the same time.

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