Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

It might not cross your mind to implement healthier eating habits this holiday season. But after the holidays are over, you can be that you’ll be looking back on all those meals you ate and regretting every single bite.

Instead of having to look behind you and regret the past, why don’t you start living in the present so you can be proud of your choices when you look back? With a little knowhow, you can enjoy some healthy holiday eating without gaining weight.

Here are some key tips to implement.

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Variety Platter

Experts say that it’s better to go ahead and eat instead of depriving yourself of foods you enjoy. Why? Well, it has to do with the inevitable break in will power over the holidays. You see, if you hold out, you’ll be building up that appetite and desire. Then when you do get around to eating, you’ll be eating far too much of the foods you love.

So, go ahead and go through that big smorgasbord of food and get what you like. However, instead of scooping food onto your plate, go for a small spoonful. That’s right; just a spoonful.

It’s the flavors of the individual food you’re craving, not the amount. Just get a taste of what you desire, and then you can curb that desire without packing on the pounds. It’s not a trick, per se; it’s measured resistance.

Trick Your Sweet Tooth

One of the biggest things that get you during the holidays is all the many desserts out there. Well, instead of denying yourself those desserts, you should fool your sweet tooth. When you want to snack, don’t grab a slice of pie. Instead, grab a handful of nuts and a forkful of pie. Eat the snack first, slowly, and then savor the flavor of that pie (cake, ice cream, etc) bite. Hey, it works!

Find Balance

Finding the balance in your holiday diet is essential to eating healthy. In other words, you don’t want to load up on carbs or fats or anything else. Balance out what you’re eating. If you’re eating carbs, make sure you go light on them and also mix in foods with fiber, protein, etc. We want a well-rounded meal.

Balance also has to do with the times of day you’re eating too. You should be enjoying four or five smaller meals a day, instead of two or three big ones.

Find an Excuse

No matter what you do during the holiday season, you need to find an excuse to stay active. Hey, even going with the wife or mother-in-law (or whoever) to help them with Christmas shopping is a great way to get in some exercise. Use your imagination. Sure, walking/running or any type of cardio will be ideal, but just make sure you’re staying active.

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