Healthiest way to lose weight


What “diet” is the best and healthiest way to lose weight?

We’re always seeing dozens of different diet plans on the market every month. They come and go like the latest fashions. There’s the low fat diet, low carb diet, high protein diet, the list goes on and on! Most claim that their program is the right way to lose weight and will bring fast results. However, many diets fail to recognize that people are different and therefore have different needs. If a certain diet was the healthiest way to lose weight then we would all be eating the same food, the same meals but this is not natural, and really diets are not natural!

When losing weight its important to take into account the physiological state of the person in question. Its important to consider how overweight the dieter is in the first place, as well as the the type of body type, number of fat cells, activity levels, present fitness levels, calorie intake, food preferences, etc, etc. A weight loss plan is such a personal process that one dietary plan that works for one person may not work for another. Dietary intake should be analyzed separately for each individual then healthy, positive changes should be made. The same goes for the activity levels and the chosen exercise plan.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to follow general food preferences and substitute high-energy foods for lower fat varieties in order to lower energy intake in a sensible, yet effective manner. Exercise is also the key but it’s important to choose an exercise that will suit the individual fitness levels and requirements.

One excellent program on the net is the Global Health & Fitness plan. This company recognizes the importance of physiological needs that each individual requires in order to lose fat weight. They tailor a special plan, which would be ideal for current needs and then follow you all the way helping you to adapt food intake when progress slows. They follow the important rules of exercise physiology so each member will benefit both ways with effective, permanent weight loss and increasing fitness levels, all this progress without the need to be on a strict diet, this truly is the healthiest way to lose weight!


* Always seek the approval from a qualified dietician before starting any new diet or introducing any new foods. New exercises should be performed under the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor. Please read our Terms !

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