Highly Effective Exercises for a Serious Six Pack

If you want to kick your fitness up a notch, there’s nothing that says “I’m in amazing shape” like a rippling six pack. Sadly, getting a six pack is easier said than done! Your abs will take more work to grow than any other muscle group on your body, so you’re going to have to invest some serious time and effort into them. Here are some excellent exercises for a serious six pack:

Weighted Hanging Leg Raise

Working with your own body weight is ALWAYS the best way to go, but what happens when your body weight isn’t enough? For those who are trying for a serious six pack, it’s time to add a bit more weight. Hanging leg raises are amazing for your forearms, your shoulders, and your abs, but adding ankle weights into the mix makes it harder for you to raise your legs. It’s an incredibly tough exercise, but it will work wonders to develop those amazing abs muscles!

Barbell Rollouts

Instead of using the Ab Roller, try the Barbell to do your Rollouts. This will make it easier to perform the exercise with a wider grip, which can be easier on your shoulders and place more emphasis on your abs muscles. Instead of doing them on your feet, place your knees on the ground and lift your feet. This will help you to remove your leg muscles from the equation, putting all of the work on your core. Best of all, you’ll shred your abs without hitting your lower back muscles–meaning there is a lower risk of lower back injury!

Side Plank Cable Row

Side plank is already hard enough, but adding a row into the mix is really going to spice things up! Side plank is amazing to develop your oblique muscles, which run down along your sides. Having developed obliques is an important part of developing a six-pack, so it’s vital that you train these muscles along with your abs. Adding a cable row will double down on the strain on your abs, back, and sides, and will engage your shoulder and upper back muscles at the same time. Start with VERY light weight for the rows, and slowly work your way up. Remember, the focus is meant to be on your core!

Straight Leg Sit-Ups

If you think you’ve got what it takes to go hardcore, this is definitely an exercise you’ll want to try! It’s not an easy one, and the risk of injury is much higher if you don’t do it right, so be careful. This exercise is a variation on the classic sit-up, but with your legs straight instead of bent. Keeping your legs straight helps to reduce the strain on your back and hips, and it will isolate your abs for a better workout. Holding a barbell directly over your head, perform a sit-up until you are sitting at a 90-degree angle with the floor. Lower yourself and repeat until your abs are on fire!

Weighted Jackknifes

Jackknifes are one of the harder abs exercises you can do, so prepare to feel the burn! With this exercise, you basically fold your body in half at the waist, but you keep your arms and legs perfectly straight. This forces your abs to do all the work, leading to a better core workout. Adding a bit of weight can make the exercise even harder! Wear ankle weights to add more weight to your legs, and grip a dumbbell, barbell, or a medicine ball in your hands. This will make the exercise far more effective.

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