How many calories in food fat and sugar – growing list of foods energy content


How many calories in food, fat and sugar

The free food table below shows how many calories are present in some common foods. Fat & sugar products listing the calorie content per average portion. The calories in food table also shows the products energy content in 100 grams. You can compare each food in the list to any other food not listed in the calories in food table. Its always handy if you want to exchange a food with one of same calorie content for your calorie controlled diet.

How many calories in food table is broken down into 5 basic food groups that make up the balanced diet. Here we display how many calories in fat & sugar groups. Find out how many calories in other food groups by clicking on links below.

We want our how many calories in food table to grow so email us if the food you want is not listed in the calories in food table.

How many calories in food tables: 

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Fats & Sugars Portion size * per 100 grams (3.5 oz) energy content
PURE FAT 9 cals (1 gram) 900 cals High
Bombay mix 250 cals 500 cals High
Butter 112 cals 750 cals High
Chewing gum 8 cals per piece
Chocolate 200 cals 500 cals High
Cod liver oil 135 cals (1 tbspoon) 900 cals High
Corn snack 125 cals 500 cals High
Crisps (chips US) average 100 cals 500 cals High
Honey 42 cals 280 cals Medium
Jam 38 cals 250 cals Medium
Lard 225 cals 890 cals High
Low fat spread 50 cals 400 cals High
Margarine 50 cals 750 cals High
Mars bar 240 cals 480 cals Med-High
Mint sweets 10 cals per piece High
Oils -corn, sunflower, olive 135 cals (1 Tbspoon) 900 cals High
Popcorn average 150 cals 460 cals High
Sugar white table sugar 20 cals (1 tspoon) 400 cals Medium
Sweets (boiled) 100 cals 300 cals Med-High
Syrup 15 cals 300 cals Medium
Toffee 100 cals 400 cals High


*  Portion sizes will vary depending on the type and make of product purchased. Portion size is very often a subjective view and may again vary according to bowl, cup or plate size used.



NB. The how many calories in food table lists foods in alphabetical order.

Most natural foods are calculated in tests and specific product values are calculated from their ingredients list or from manufacturers information. Some values may not be accurate and should only be used for general comparison purposes.

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