How Quarantine Can Impair Your Sleep Quality

Have you been having trouble sleeping in the last few days or weeks? It may sound strange, but the truth is that a lot of people around the world are struggling with impaired sleep quality as a result of the lockdown. All that extra time you’re spending quarantined can mess with your sleep quality. Below, you’ll find out what’s going on and what you can do to solve the problem!

Lack of Daily Schedule

This is one of the biggest factors contributing to sleep problems during quarantine. Seeing as many people don’t have to get up at the usual time to go to work, they spend more time sleeping in every morning. However, their bodies are accustomed to their standard routine of waking up earlier and spending a specific number of hours awake before going to sleep at night. By sleeping in, people end up throwing off their sleep schedule, making it much harder to get to sleep at night because their bodies feel like they still need to be awake for a few more hours. If you want to sleep better at night, wake up earlier and return to your regular sleep schedule.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety over the pandemic is definitely a contributing factor in your impaired sleep quality. You spend all day low-key worrying about what’s going on around you—how your family is coping, how your job and industry might be affected, how bad the situation will get in your city, and countless other problems—and that leads to a build-up of stress. Stress and anxiety can make it very hard for you to sleep at night. Not only will you have a harder time falling asleep, but you may be more restless and prone to waking up during the night. Controlling your anxiety and stress is the only way you’ll be able to get back to sleeping normally.

Excessive Eating and Drinking

Yes, this is a very real side effect of being stuck indoors all day long with nothing else to do. A lot of people end up stress eating to cope with the situation, or they eat later in the evening because they’re bored and having a hard time sleeping. People also end up having coffee later in the afternoon or drinking more alcohol at night. All of these things can negatively impact your sleep quality. It’s a good idea to stick with your usual healthy diet, one that avoids late-night snacking and drinking.


A lack of social interaction can actually play a huge role in your impaired sleep quality. Social interaction helps to regulate our circadian rhythms, so this total lack of socializing is making it harder for us to sleep at night. While we can’t go outside the house and directly interact, we can find ways to interact online via video calls or by talking over the phone. It might not be as good as direct face to face interaction, but it can help to meet our social needs.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise plays a huge role in our sleep quality. Not only does it make us more tired at night, but we sleep deeper when our body is going through the process of repairing our muscle tissue and joints. Plus, the amount of time you spent outdoors and in direct sunlight when exercising also helps you to sleep. Our lack of exercise and activity during lockdown can definitely be a factor in our sleep troubles. It’s vital that you do what you can to get your 150 minutes of weekly exercise in order to improve your sleep quality.

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