How the Rich Get Thin Diet

There is no hiding the fact that many rich people are thin and why is that? Could it be that they are on the How the Rich Get Thin Diet?

Jana Klauer is a park Avenue doctor who helps her rich clientele get thin and now she has written a diet for the masses so that they too can follow in the rich’s footsteps. This diet has a daily regimen of healthy exercise and a diet based on low carbs, whole foods and high protein.

The Phases Behind the Diet
In this diet, processed foods are completely eliminated. The focus is on consuming high protein with a low carbohydrate intake. As the diet progresses, the carb intake is increased. There are large quantities of calcium that are also consumed primarily from eating low fat dairy foods and calcium supplements.

  • Phase One – This phase lasts for a total of 3 days where the majority of calories that are consumed consist of high protein and very low amounts of carbohydrates. Overall, the calorie intake is cut back drastically to around 1000 calories. In this phase, any excess water is released.
  • Phase Two – In this phase, the dieter eats high protein foods such as fish, eggs and dairy. You can eat up to three snacks and three meals each day. When you are in the 5 pound zone for your weight loss goal, you can move onto the third phase.
  • Phase Three – You will maintain your diet during this important phase. Here you can begin to reintroduce your favorite foods into your diet in smaller portions so that you do not regain weight.

Introducing New Foods Into Your Diet
Within the different weeks you can begin to introduce different types of foods back into your life such as organic chicken during the first week, fruit during the second week, legumes in the third week and sweet potatoes in the forth. Nuts are introduced in week 5 and whole grains in week six. Some of the recommended foods for this diet include low fat dairy products, omega 3 eggs, caviar, hummus, green tea, berries, shrimp and salmon.
This is an excellent diet for people who are looking to eliminate processed foods from their regular diet and be allowed moderate wine consumption in the later phases. Exercise is another component of the How the Rich Get Thin weight loss program.

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