How to Be Safe at Newly Reopened Gyms

With so many newly reopened gyms now available as the country is coming out of lockdown, you might be feeling very eager to get out of your house and get in a proper workout. But before you do, it’s important that you’re aware of the proper precautions you can and should take to stay healthy and safe while at the gym. Here’s what you should be examining when going back to your gym:

Occupancy Limitations

All gyms, like every other establishment, need to set limitations on the number of people that can occupy their various rooms. In order to make sure you are safe, the limitations should not only be posted, but they should also be strictly enforced. That way, you can make sure that it’s easy to keep a healthy distance from others while still being able to get in a proper workout.

Physical Distancing Measures

One of the first and easier steps that newly reopened gyms can take is to limit the number of machines available so as to create physical distances between users. For example, for all the cardio machines lined up in a row, shutting off every other machine is a good way to ensure that proper measures are being taken to make space between the people working out. The benches, free weights, squat racks, and other machines should also be spaced far enough apart that they can be used without getting too close to the other people working out at the same time.


Masks are one of the best precautionary measures that can be taken to stop the spread of disease. Not only do they protect the wearer from inhaling airborne particles, but they also protect those who come in contact with the wearer. While they’re not mandatory (in every part of the country), it’s a good idea to see whether or not the gym’s personnel are wearing masks. People who wear masks show that they are concerned about those around them, and are willing to put up with a bit of discomfort for the sake of protecting others as well as themselves.


Proper ventilation is an absolute must when it comes to dealing with infections and disease. Proper air flow will help to draw airborne pathogens up and out of the building, circulating clean air and reducing the risk of catching a disease. Fans aren’t enough for proper air circulation, but gyms should have a good ventilation system or, at the very least, enough open windows and doors to allow air to flow through the gym.


There are two aspects to this particular factor: first, how clean the gym is kept by the staff, and second, how easy it is for you, the user, to clean what you use. One of the most practical methods is making spray bottles and cleaning rags available (and mandatory) for all users. All they have to do is carry the rag and bottle around with them to spray down and clean whatever equipment they touch. However, the staff should also have heightened their cleanliness measures, and should be on more on top of making sure that everything is clean, disinfected, and as free of germs as possible.


This may not seem important, but it really is! Sometimes, when you’re deep in a workout, you might forget about the importance of social distancing or cleaning up after yourself, which can increase the spread of germs or the risk of coming in contact with others. With signs posted all over the gym, it can help you to remember what you need to do to stay healthy.


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