How to Beat the Bloat: 8 Foods That Combat Bloating

Bloating is a nasty side effect of quite a few problems. People struggling with digestive issues, high sodium intake, or dealing with menstrual cramps may find that bloating becomes a problem more often than they’d like. If you’re trying to beat the bloat, here are a few of the best foods that combat bloating—foods you should be adding to your diet today:


Thanks to its high fiber content, celery is one of the best foods that combat bloating! Celery contains chemicals that help to reduce fluid retention, regulate bowel movement, and control gas in your intestines. The high water content of celery will help to hydrate your body and encourage elimination of waste water. Cooking celery slightly—such as in soup—will help to make the fiber more easily digestible, thereby preventing further bloating.

Lemon Water

Water is one of the best things to help combat bloating, as your body is only storing that extra water because it’s worried that it won’t get more. That’s what makes it one of the best foods to combat bloating! By drinking more water, you send clear signals to your body that you’re properly hydrated, enabling it to let go of the water you’ve retained. Lemon acts as both a laxative and diuretic, and can reduce the sodium in your body. A bit of warm lemon water, hot lemon tea, or natural sugar-free lemonade can all be great to beat the bloat.


Not only is this colorful spice an anti-inflammatory agent, but it’s amazing for settling your stomach and helping to deal with indigestion. It’s going to reduce bloating and can help to prevent the pain caused by menstrual cramps.


It’s not just delicious—it’s damned good for your health, too! Watermelon is 92% water, which means it will increase hydration and stop your body from feeling the bloat. Thanks to its high potassium content, it will balance out the sodium in your body and prevent water retention. It’s also an excellent diuretic that will help your body to eliminate excess water.


Yoghurt is much easier on your digestive system than milk, one of the foods that are responsible for causing bloating in the first place. Yoghurt with live active cultures will actually help to combat bloating and aid in your digestion, making your gut so much healthier and happier!


Rosemary makes an effective natural remedy to help combat gas and bloating, and it can even help to manage indigestion. Making a rosemary tea or adding it into your food, soups, and stews can be a good way to beat the bloating.


Beans, lentils, chick peas, and the rest of the legume family are all amazing foods to help you beat bloating. Yes, some of them will increase gas production in your stomach, which is why they need to be cooked correctly to reduce the gas. However, thanks to the high potassium content of legumes, they can help to prevent excess sodium storage and combat bloating. Beans that contain more protein and estrogen are highly effective at combatting period-related bloat, too.


This zingy little root is one of the best remedies you can take to deal with just about any stomach problem! It can deal with nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating, and stomach pains, helping to set your digestive tract back on track. Make ginger tea or add ginger into your dishes to relax your stomach and combat any pain or bloating you may be experience. It’s a delicious spice that will do wonders to beat the bloat.

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