How to Burn More Calories Walking

Walking is a great way to exercise, as you can do it for hours on end without getting tired! You’ll find that taking a walk or hike can be a lot of fun, even if you go alone. There’s something amazing about being out and about that makes walking fun, but it’s important to try to burn more calories as you walk. Here’s how you can increase calorie burning effectively:

Add Weight

One great way to burn more calories walking is to add weight to your walk. If you’re going hiking, bring a backpack filled with supplies–water, food, etc. You can also wear ankle weights and wrist weights as you exercise, or even a weight belt. By adding weight, you increase the amount of effort your muscles need to expend to keep you walking, thereby increasing the amount of energy (calories) burned!

Swing Those Arms

You often see power walkers swinging their arms almost violently as they walk, but that’s actually the smart way to walk. Not only does pumping your arms help you to move more quickly, but the action will also increase the number of calories you burn with every step.

Speed Up

Walking at a stately 3.5 MPH is a great way to cool down between sprints, but it’s not going to get you burning calories and fat like a champ. Instead, it’s time to burn more calories by picking up the pace, walking at a speed between 4 and 4.5 MPH. A fast walk will help you to get through those calories much more effectively.

Shorten Your Steps

Did you know that taking small, quick steps helps you to burn more calories walking? Instead of taking long strides, take short steps at a very quick pace. Count up to 100 steps, then slow down for a minute. You’ll find that this slow-quick change-up will help you to increase calorie-burn significantly.

Go Up and Down

Varying the incline and decline of your walk will focus on different muscles, ensuring that your legs get an even workout. You’ll focus more on the glutes and calves when you go uphill, and your quads will get a much better workout when you walk down the hill. Make it a point to find a route that forces you to climb up and down hills, and you’ll effectively burn more calories walking!

Change it Up

Don’t just walk, but mix jogging, running, and sprinting into your workout. If you’re walking for exercise, you’ll burn many more calories by running or jogging 1 minute for every 4 minutes of walking. You can mix sprinting into your workout if you want to go hardcore. Steady state cardio does burn fat, but not as effectively as HIIT workouts do.

Increase Walking Time

If you want to burn more calories, it’s time to spend more time walking. You’ll only burn about 300 to 400 calories in an hour of pace walking, so you’ll need to walk for 90 to 120 minutes if you’re serious about hardcore calorie-burning.

Stand Up Straight

The best way to avoid fatigue in your bones and muscles is to walk with the proper posture. Stand up straight, keep your head up and your shoulders back, and place those feet correctly with every step. Focusing on improving your posture can go a long way towards helping you burn more calories walking.

Use the Right Shoes

Your shoes can make or break your walking workout. Make sure that you’ve got the right shoes for your walk, finding the ones that fit, are comfortable, have good support and cushioning, and which help you to keep up the walk for longer!

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