How to Control Your Appetite

The minute you decide to get serious about shedding the extra pounds which make you cringe each time you look in the mirror, it seems you’re inundated with all kinds of diet ideas, each one promising to help you shed a maximum amount of weight in a minimum amount of time. As tempting as these fad diets seem, you need to ignore them. Most aren’t healthy, and it’s likely that you’d swiftly regain the weight you lose. 

The true secret to developing and keeping a trim figure starts with learning how to control your appetite. Even though it might sound scary when you’re just starting your weight loss journey, learning to control your appetite simply requires you use some common sense and a little discipline. Here are a few easy tips which will help you control your appetite.

Drink Lots of Water

Keep a bottle of drinking water with you at all times. The minute you begin to feel hungry start drinking the water. Water is the healthiest beverage you can consume, and it has no calories or sugar, unlike sports drinks and soda. Try drinking water before every meal and snack so that you will feel full sooner. You will naturally eat less and begin to lose weight. In addition to helping you control your appetite, drinking more water will help keep your skin healthy and free from breakouts.

Eat a Spoon Full of Honey

When you have one of those moments when you need a quick burst of energy, or you crave something sweet, you should try a teaspoon full of honey. It will quickly satisfy your sweet tooth. Honey is packed full of all kinds of nutrients and minerals that your body needs and it will provide you with a lots of extra energy. Honey is a much better choice than white sugar and artificial sweeteners when you need to use something to sweeten your tea or coffee.

Have a Healthy Snack

You will have a much easier time learning how to control your appetite if you don’t have to deal with temptation every time you open the your refrigerator. Get rid of all the potato chips, ice cream bars, and candy bars, and replace them with healthy options, such as containers of yogurt, fresh fruit, and nuts. Keep granola bars and nuts in your car so you will always have healthy snacks to eat on the run.

Satisfy Your Cravings

Just because you’re dieting and learning how to control your appetite, there’s no reason you should deny all your cravings.  When you deny yourself, you’ll eventually give in and end up binging on unhealthy, junk food. So, feel free to treat yourself, just keep your portions small. For example, if you find yourself craving chocolate ice cream, you should stick to one or two spoonfuls instead of a whole bowl. Eating a meal or healthy snack, prior to your treat will reduce your chances of overindulging.

Eat 6 Small Meals

Your body is not designed to eat three large meals a day. You’ll have an easier time learning to control your appetite when you stick to several tiny meals throughout the day. Try eating 5 or 6 small meals and having healthy snacks between meals. Your digestive system will work better and you will improve your metabolism making it easier for you to lose weight.

Control Your Appetite Considerations

Controlling your appetite is a great way to lose weight. However, it is important to try to consume at least 1200 calories a day to provide your body with the nutrients and energy it needs. It is also essential to participate in regular physical activity while maintaining a healthy diet.

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