How to Eat Less Without Realizing It

It can be pretty tough to figure out how to eat less at every meal! Sometimes, you’re just so hungry you can’t help yourself, and you end up going overboard on your eating. This, of course, is a problem, as you end up eating too many calories, leading to weight gain and excess belly fat. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to curb your appetite and limit your eating! Here are a few ways to eat less without forcing yourself to a harsh diet:

Chew More

We’ve all heard that chewing more helps us to eat less, but most of us don’t really understand the science of why it works. Well, when you chew more, it triggers the release of certain hormones that signal to your stomach and brain that you have had enough to eat. These signals help to reduce your appetite, and you’ll find that they’ll help you eat less. A study showed that men who chewed 40 times ate 12% less food than those who only chewed 12 times. Definitely a good reason to chew more with every bite!

Pre-Game It

Are you going out to dinner? NEVER go out on an empty stomach! This may seem counterintuitive, but think about why you end up overeating when you eat out. It’s not because you are more hungry than you were at home, but it’s that the food looks so delicious. Most people have an easier time controlling their hunger at home simply because it’s a familiar environment, but they overeat when dining out. Their hunger gets the best of them, causing them to eat more than they need or their body knows it wants. Instead of letting this happen, why not “pre-game” your meals? Just like you have a quick drink before going out drinking, have a little bite to eat before eating out. When you get to the restaurant, you’ll be less hungry, and therefore far less likely to cheat on your diet!

Eat Like a Foodie

Instead of chowing down on your food like you’re starving and this is the last meal on earth, it’s time to sit and really enjoy that meal. Think about the flavors that you are tasting, or the things that make the food you are eating different from the food you prepare at home. Savor each bite fully, and try to get the most out of every mouthful. Do this, and you’ll not only end up chewing your food a lot more, but you’ll eat more slowly and conscientiously. You’re far less likely to overeat when you eat this way.

Don’t Eat Until You’re Full

This is another one that we’ve all heard, but BOY is it hard to achieve! You may have walked into the restaurant with an empty tank, and it’s time to fill it–but not ALL the way to the top. Eat until you are satisfied, but not full. Being full is a sign that you’ve eaten too much, which means too many calories in your stomach. Stop when you are no longer hungry.

Don’t Clear Your Plate

Your mother may have taught you to finish everything on your plate, but you’ll find that leaving a few scraps of food there will help you to eat a lot less. You’ll leave 100 or so calories sitting on the plate, and you’ll make a conscious effort to end the meal right then and there. It can definitely be a good way to eat less at every meal. Best of all, it will help you prioritize your meal!


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