How to Get Motivated to Work Out This New Year

The New Year is always a great time to start building new and better workout habits! After all, you get a feeling of starting fresh, trying to be better with your exercise at the beginning of a New Year—hopefully keeping up those habits all year long. If you want to be motivated to work out this year, here are a few tricks to help you:

Make it a 6-Week Commitment

Whenever you plan a new workout routine, commit to it for just six weeks. Six weeks is all it takes to form new habits, so planning your workout routines to last for that time period will ensure that you walk away from this workout with a new habit. And, it’s easy to get motivated to work out if you know you’ll start seeing results within that time period.

Get Up Earlier

It may suck rolling out of bed while it’s still dark, but imagine how awesome it’ll be to finish your workout before everyone else’s day has started. Early morning exercise does wonders for your metabolism, and it will help you to feel more energized all morning long. Plus, there’ll be no excuse that you’re “too busy” later on the day. It’s often easiest to motivate yourself to do the first thing every day—it’s everything else that’s difficult!

Find Something Fun

Most of us quit working out for one of two reasons: 1) it’s too hard, or 2) it’s too boring. While the former is the more common of the two, the latter is the excuse most of us fall back on. So don’t let yourself be bored! Find a workout program that is fun, that gets you excited to hit the gym or class, and that keeps you engaged. Workouts like martial arts, CrossFit, or crosstraining mix things up every day so you’ll never have the same class twice. Boredom is a huge motivation killer, so find workouts that are fun.

Easy is Easiest

If you want to make it easy for yourself to workout, you have to make it easy to work out. Sounds redundant, but it’s absolutely true! When it’s a challenge to fit in a workout—the distance is too great, the class is at the wrong time, etc.—you’ll always find an excuse why it can’t work. The only way you’re actually going to get in that workout, at least initially, is if it’s easy and convenient. Find a class as close as possible, at a schedule you like.

Work with a Trainer

The best way to see results is to work with someone who knows how to get you where you need to go. Trainers may be pricey, but they’re absolutely worth the investment if your goal is to get fit, lose weight, or improve your physical conditioning. They’ll walk you through the steps, give you the best plan to hit your target, and keep you on track.

Put Your Money Where Your Workout Is

If you’re spending only a few bucks on a cheap gym, you’ll have a much easier time skipping classes because it’s hardly costing you anything. Pay a bit more for a high-grade, pricey workout club, and you’re far less likely to skip workouts because it will feel like good money wasted.

Make it Social

Join a club, work out with friends, or make new friends at the gym. The social aspect of working out can be one of the best ways to get motivated to work out this year. Plus, you’ll have people to both encourage you and hold you accountable.

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